zondag 7 augustus 2022

Even more guns! Flakk Trakk WIP

 Picked up a bag of bits and it had a Invictor warsuit (whatever GW....) big Assault Cannon, so replaced the one I had with NEWER! BIGGER! BETTER! assault cannon. 

Size doesn't matter....is something no Ork would ever say. 

I think it needs more sensors.....

Thanks to Kees I now have a huge bag of Ork Dakkajet bits (thx bud!) and already set aside some parts that will be going into this build (more guns!)

Also had hobby night tonight, Modhail brought some more (well, alot) 3D printed parts so I spent some time washing and cleaning them right away, and fixing what is broken (remember kids, resin is brittle) and basing some of the stuff of the STL's I purchased, more on that soon, I hope. 

A generator with a shattered base, fixed with epoxy, I trimmed a statue in Blender to affix to the ruined high rise I'm working on, and have a 3 up (or something) Autogun for the gunshop I'm making. I've asked Modheil to make me another one 180 degrees reversed so I can combine the 2 on a big pointy arrow on something I finsihed but never showed. Again, soon. And some rock grubs in the back.

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