woensdag 14 september 2022

How to kill a project in 4 weeks...


 I had picked up some stuff to do Winter of 44 in 15mm, and decided I liked cobbling with it so I tried to pick up some more stuff.

Metal seems hard to find and is expensive, and their flexible plastic troops are horrible.

4 botched deals in 4 weeks time with me bidding and winning stuff, having it reserved in my name and waiting for their payment app....and getting a weak ass sorry and they've sold it to another chap who wanted that specific item as well. I know, it can happen with anything, but the Flames of War sellers make me sick with this behaviour.

So, what little I've bought is going right back out again. Not wasting any time with this lot and saving me a ton of aggro. And what I make with is going towards another Tumbling Dice order.

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  1. Would the 12mm from Victrix and 10mm from Pendraken interest you to jack this project back up. The 10mm resculpts are a good match with the Victrix.

    1. I try to avoid buying in the UK from shops that don't have a easy method for us Europeans not to get utterly shafted by Customs. I've looked at a local seller for 12mm Victrix but he charges more than the 15mm stuff costs new. I'll pick up the project eventually in 20mm once I've found a proper house for me and the kids. And I have any money left, also handy.

  2. Well that is unfortunate, both because dealing with jerks is a pain and wrecks your trust in fellow gamers, and because I would have really enjoyed seeing your work on 15mm '44 stuff!

    There are other brands out there, might one of them suit you instead? (PSC or Peter Pig for instance). Not as easy as getting a blister pack platoon ready to go with various options included, but cheaper...

    1. No, I still have the Iran-Iraq project lined up in 15mm as I managed to clear a shop of their sales stock and then some. For some reason (barring one) the Team Yankee peeps were much more pleasant to deal with. PSC is actually hard to get these days! For the boxes of T-55 I wanted I had to shop in Italy and Poland to get the last of theirt stock (3 boxes in total). PSC really dropped the ball on keeping shops supplied with stock (and I say this as a PSC fanboy). Peter Pig, well, being in the UK, the tax issue again.

      It's ok, the project is a stillborn, but I have plenty of others to go to.

      Wintercamouflage will be a thing, eventually.

    2. Oh, yes taxes... we do not have to deal with that here (the import value before taxes is quite high), but we get to deal with absurd shipping costs instead!

      PSC is hard to get ahold of... even their own online store is often out of stock!

      Looking forward to an Iran/Iraq war project for sure!

    3. Will do my best to make it even better looking than my first Iraqi army from....10+ years ago?