maandag 19 september 2022

Iran-Iraq in 15mm. I've been gathering supplies so to speak.


(Yes, I know, it's a shitty pic)

When the dinosuars roamed the earth I made a 20mm Iraqi army to fight Piers Iranians. I fought him once, the army was never used again and eventually sold. 

But it still attracts. I have a few books about it, seen more wavy VHS recordings of the war than what is good for me. I'm still hunting for info and every while I keep finding photo's etc I've never seen before.

But why 15mm?

Basically the main reason.....I'm not happy buying in the UK anymore. It takes forever to arrive, customs charges are rather painful.

I've looked at 6mm, but metal comes from the UK and printing wise I don't have a lot of faith in gunbarrels in resin. Infantry....I really suck at infantry in 6mm.
10mm same problem really. 12mm is way too expensive for what you get. 20mm, as much as I love Elheim, well, UK.

So...15mm. The big push was being able to buy up almost 600 euros of shop stock at half price, giving me all the infantry I need for both sides and then some. Plus a nice start in vehicles as I still prefer plastic. I find resin to be ok for stuff you can't easily get or is too damn niche. Wasn't too much fun when I realised Battlefront isn't doing a lot of metal anymore and they stopped producing all the fun bits in favor of flavourless bland crap, but I guess they focus on competition, not on historical accuracy. So I scrounged all around Europe and found various mortar teams, 37mm AA guns, M48 tanks and what not.

Rules wise it will be Northag. So basing in Fireteams and preferably round bases.

When will I start? God knows. I've been here for 6 months now, trying hard to find a proper home for me and the girls and the hobby has taken a backseat. Well, not really, I have to sell loads of stuff as I have plenty I'm no longer interested in or need.

I did cram everything in Excel so I can actually plan what I do instead of diving in headlong like a Viking Lemming (which is what I do usually, in case you hadn't noticed!)

Not much of an update this, but it's a start :)

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  1. I've been contemplating the same change in scale. The ease of access to Team Yankee kit on the 2nd hand market makes it an attractive proposition. It's just a shame Battlefront seems to have killed off most of their metal production; I haven't seen anything positive about their plastic/restrictions infantry.
    I can't wait to see updates on this project 😀

    1. As long as you can still get their metals it's a no brainer, cost vs space vs availability and all that. Picked up 9 Battlefront US painted M60A1's (nothing I can't strip or respray) for 25 euros. I can barely get 2 M60A1's with a lot of work in 20mm. Aircraft in 1/144 only cost a few euros and take up no space. I'll keep 20mm for WW2 but for Moderns 15mm feels so much easier.

      now to actually paint the damn things