vrijdag 11 maart 2011

A fresh start

I tried blogging once before, while working on my Bunker project. Nice as it was (and still is) it just could not keep my attention and slowly died. It's now sitting in a box, unwanted, unloved, about to be transferred to Mohail who will undoubtedly put it to good use.

So....why try again? Well, a while back I decided that enough was enough. When your house starts to resemble a plastic model shop, like mine, you have to wonder when you are going to find the time to build it all. Sure, maybe I will win the lottery someday and not have to work one more day of my life (scary thought) then having a large stash could be useful. But losing a full room due to the amount of kits, boxes, bit boxes, old projects, magazines and then wondering how much money is actually in there..... <shudder>
Things that are not meant to be looked at using words like reason and need.

But I did it anyway. Tossed out 1/3rd of it, set aside 1/3rd that I feel has value for fellow gamers so can be sold and 1/3rd of it I want to keep. Having said that, it turns out I have 8 big boxes stuffed to the gills with plastic kits, so Í'm going to be drastic and cut that in half as well.

What will be leaving me?
- Silent Death - all the books ever published plus about 8 kilos of space ships of every type, plus big set of Star Wars fighters for this game (those have now been sold).
- Battletech - a ton of books, about 200 blisters and around 150 mechs and vehicles.
- All of my FoW (already sold).
- All of my 15mm Sci-Fi (already sold).
- All of my 28mm stuff, from Back of Beyond to WW2 to Sci-Fi.
- All of my GW stuff, from Fantasy to 40K to Epic to BFG.
- All of my 1/300 (or 6mm) stuff, WW2 and Moderns, land and aircraft. I have about 35 kilos of the stuff, and sofar sold about 9 kilos of it.
- Various RPG books like Robotech, Alternity, Stardrive and any other game I have that has not been played with for the last 3 years.
...and a ton of other stuff I need to sort out, bag and tag and put for sale online.

What am I going to keep then?
- 20mm. I can honestly say I can't live without it, I enjoy working with it more then any other part of my hobby. Sure, I hardly game with it, but for me, building is most of the fun anyway.
- 1/600 (or 3mm) air warfare. Love it. Selling off all of the land equipment and what I have from Oddzial. Lovely as they are, they are made from a very hard alloy and I like to convert a lot. Those 2 don't mix.
- 1/3000 ships. I have 15 kilo's of the stuff on hand and quite a few bits of kit painted. Scratchbuilding these is fun as well.

So don't worry, I won't die soon cause I've run out of stuff to paint.

Ok, I hear you say, you are selling a lot of stuff. What is holding me back from collecting it all over again?
Good question. I'd love to say I will hold fast to one project at a time, won't surf shops and Ebay to find new kit and bargains and try to not get swept in with the current fad, whatever that might be.

Uh...no, that won't work. I'm human. We all love getting new stuff. But what I can do is curb what I want by wondering if it is something I need. Since I've dropped quite a few scales I can happily bypass items that are offered for them. It should not be too hard, but knowing me, it will.

So what will I be focussing on in the near future? (Warning: Famous Last Words!)
20mm mostly, WW2 (1944-1945 Russians and 1944-1945 Germans) and Modern (2000+ Russians and Contractors for the 2012 Big Game. Propably a few 1/600 aircraft in between.

Will I keep that up? Maybe. I'm guessing I will, if I'm just able to focus and plan. We'll see.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Looks like a good start.
    Now keep going!
    (As if I am fit to judge... ;-) )

  2. What sort of 1/300 (or 6mm) stuff, WW2 and Moderns, land and aircraft do you have?