vrijdag 11 maart 2011

Panzerwerfer Battery - Building it - Part 1

The Panzerwerfer 42 is a vehicle that I remember more then anything from my childhood. When I was little I received a book in which was this picture and the vehicle has left an impression ever since.

I purchased one many, many years ago from Britannia and it left me unimpressed. So unimpressed that I boxed it up and forgot all about it. As far as I knew I had sold it off, so you can imagine my surprise finding it again. As my skills have improved with the years I had the feeling I could tackle it this time, so ordered 2 more.

This may sound odd to the average wargamer, why purchase 3 of the same vehicle? Well, I'm not your average wargamer, I'm more in it for the modelling, the gaming is a added bonus. Also, when I build artillery units I add a ammunition replenishment vehicle if applicable. Sure, the odd truck stacked with shells works fine most of the time, but the Germans were pretty adapt at making Munitionstrager variants of their regular vehicles. Maybe a bit too adapt. Anyway, this gives me a battery of 2 Panzerwerfer and 1 resupply vehicle.

Here is where I am at now:

I've added the following details:
- Magnetised the Werfers so I can remove them for transport and move them for added effect.
- Added a load of full tubes and 1 rocket on top of the resupply vehicle and covered it with a tarp. As paper becomes transparant after adding water and woodglue that isn't really visible.
- Loaded up the werfers with rockets, all 10 tubes on nr 1, 5 tubes on number 2. I used SHQ nebelwerferrockets for this, trimmed down and inserted into the drilled out werfer.
-Added the metal step and the jerrycanholder on both sides of the vehicle, using just brass wire and superglue.

A few things left to do before I can prime it.
- Add removable aerials
- Add view slits to the werfer base
- Minor cleanup, fill a few remaining holes, nothing major.
- Add the MG-34's on top

Stay tuned.

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