vrijdag 11 maart 2011

Planned game - 14th May 2011 - The Road to Vilnius

Booked a flight,  found a place to stay, still painting my army.

But as not enough people are able to make it Piers and I and anyone else from the GMG willing to jump in are looking to do a piece of Operation Bagration. Should be fun too.

My army has not changed, I'm still slavering away at copying the Rapid Fire 1944 Russian Breakthrough Tank Brigade. I'm nearing completion on most of the trucks and the Su-76's. I'm waiting for tuned brass barrels for my T-34/85's (all 13 of em) and I think I have everything on hand that I need. All of the tanks have been built, they just need detailing with handrails, some stowage and barrels. 4 of the tanks will get tank riders stuck to them permanently. While I have made drop in sections for trucks before I just can't figure out a sturdy and wargamersfriendly way to represent them on a tank other then having them fixed to the tank. This does mean I will have to build 4 additional tanks. In addition to the 4 wreck markers.

I never do things the easy way.

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