zondag 11 januari 2015

Going off the edge

All of this bidding (and losing) at auctions for models suitable for Inquisitor, Necromunda and Mordheim has brought out the competetive spirit in me that I have not seen for a long time! I've even resorted to making low bids at known resellers just to get some figs in, and tried my luck at the local Marktplaats (A Ebay variant).

So far, with mixed results, I'm rather keen to get stuff in lest I have something to paint! All bits and pieces isn't going to make a functioning warband. Sofar, finding models suitable for Inquisitor has been the easiest. Finding them, not winning them. Inquisitors seem to go for silly money, as are most of the Henchmen, though I picked up a couple of figures and even a box at amounts I would not have thought at the beginning of the auction. By which I mean lower prices. I'm focussing on Priests and Servitors right now and I've almost reached 10 models. For Necrounda I managed to find a Scavies gang, new in the box, which set me back a whopping 45 euros incl shipping, but where are you going to find those nowadays? I managed to trade some more Orlocks as well but still no heavies. Just can't seem to find them anywhere! For Mordheim, well, I've seen prices that feel people are taking the piss or something, 12 euros for a blister of a model is normal. Fortunately, I have been incredibly lucky in finding a mate who has the Possesed Warband and is willing to sell me one for 20 euros complete. I've been even more luckier with another mate who just gave me a bag of stuff to pick out what I could use for the hobby. I picked up some Kislevite horse archers, 2 Vesperso vendettas duellists 3 old dwarfs, 1 incomplete Birdmen of Cattrazza or something and a bunch of pikemen with champion and musician, also one of tte Mercenary troops of yesteryear.. For free! I will have to find a way to repay that generosity somehow someday.

This brings my totals to Necromunda:10  Mordheim:18  Inquisitor: 9 although much of this count is en route to me and won't be here for weeks to come. So the soonest I can get painting on this lot is probably February-March, and I really need to practice on a few models first.

And then it is time for a little rant. Where do people get it into their heads that just cause it has been OOP for a long-ish time single figures dictate a 10 Pounds minimum? Buy-it-now prices on Ebay are insane. Then again so are GW prices for current models.

If anyone is reading this, and has Necro/Mordheim/Inquisitor (the 28mm ones or suitable for) I'd be more then happy to trade 20mm WO2 and up or cash for them.

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  1. Sometimes I wonder what is more insane, GW In-production pricing, or GW OOP pricing....

    I'm still dreaming of owning an Escher gang for Necromunda one day,
    I just love those Jes Goodwin sculpts, but the price for just a single Escher figure makes that a hopeless dream...

    Nice going on the collection, I'd like to see a more detailed list of your acquisitions... Or some pics when they arrive. ;)

    1. P.S. Dammit, you got me looking at Ebay again! :( Evil place...

    2. Well, this is my final week of buying, and it was brought to my attention the multitude of after market bits one can buy for GW models, so I'm oogling those now, though I promised myself only to get bits for a Techpriest for now.

      Escher ey? So...when was your birthday again? :)

    3. Don't go on Ebay, Erik, much too expensive for you in your current situation. I'm arranging something for you so you won't have to go there for a while. You'll see :)

  2. Ebay is much too expensive, in ANY situation... Don't worry, I wasn't tempted....much.