woensdag 21 januari 2015

Zinge Industries

Coming back into the rich chaos that is the background of 40K I just knew I had to have a go at converting again. I like to scratchbuild or rebuild stuff, and I enjoyed doing that in my GW days of old. Just not very often back then cause even then the models were expensive. In my previous Blogpost I mentioned several companies that make resin addon parts for 40K miniatures. I bought parts from 2 of them. And since these were the first to arrive, I will discuss Zinge Industries.

Zinge Industries

My order was made on the 16th of January, having spent the lunchbreak a day earlier browsing for bits useful for a Adeptus Mechanicus conversions sans servo arm. I ordered the following bits:

  • 2 sets of couplings
  • 2 sets of bullets and casings
  • 1 set of large propane tanks
  • 1 set of computer equipment
  • 1 set of Mad scientist sprue
  • 1 set of handwheels

For a combined total of 20 Pounds 50 plus 4 Pounds shipping to Europe (costing me 32 euros in total). Their pricing of the various sprues is interesting. Naturally, more resin used is a higher price per set, the propane tanks coming in at 5 Pounds for a set of 5, but these are chesthigh compared to a 28mm model so pretty big tanks! In hindsight the smaller version would have been good enough for my goals, so I will order that in the future. Also, some items have discounts if you order more then 1. For instance, the couplings set costs 2 Pounds if you order just 1, 1.75 Pounds if you order 2 or more, and 1.50 pounds each if you order 4 or more. This does not apply to all sets though!

When I got home from work on the 20th I was pleasantly surprised by a small white box from the UK with Zinge Industries stamped in red on the back. They mailed it on the 17th, so in this case kudos Royal Mail and Post.NL for being team players and delivering in just 4 days, that is pretty darn fast.

Upon opening I see that each set I ordered is packed in a zip lock bag, so if things would break off during shipping, they would be nicely contained. Also, I find I'm not hit by the strong smell of resin, as happens sometimes with companies that cast to order. Giving everything a once over, I'm almost unable to find any mouldlines on the items, which come cast onto blocks of resin. Only the propane tanks have some mould lines, and these are very faint.

FLTR: Large propane tank, Couplings, Mad Scientist sprue, Bullets and casings (normal size)

The blocks I'm quite used to, I've ordered (after market) resin details and kits for historicals before and they all come with casting blocks to be removed. Makes it very easy to give them a good rinse with some dishwasher soap and still keep a grip on smaller parts. And these are nice and small.

Resin quality looks to be the very good kind, strong and crisp details. Reminded me of Old Crow quality. And that is saying something. Also, I like how they market their bullets and casings set. There are 45 items in it, and the empty shells are made in such a way that can double as shotgun shells too. The larger complete shells work as solid slugs shells, boltgun or heavy bolter shells or even 40mm grenades, depending on which scale you want to use these for. The least impressed I am with the handwheels, quality wise they look like a recast Airfix kit handle, I had expected something more metallic. Though to be honest, the pics are pretty clear, and this was more of a case of wishful thinking on my part.

The computer parts (not pictured) will come in handy for making a Machine God shrine or stationary device, as well as the Mad scientist sprue.There are lots of little dials, vents and knobs on that one, really useful for a scratchbuilder like me.

Zinge aimes at 28mm, but I feel quite a few of their sprues are usefull in smaller or larger ranges, due to their scale neutrality.

Things to try out next time are their flexible resin bits like chain and cables, and their poseable wrapped wire (though I'm currently making my own using brass wire and solder wire). They also sell a large collcetion of hexnuts and bolts, but I have a former to make those myself from plasticcard so I can save myself the expense. Having said that they are damn nifty.

So, looking for some parts to spruce up your 28mm scenery or miniatures bases? This is a good place to stop by.

Zinge Industries

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