zondag 30 augustus 2015

End of times or a new beginning?

We had a lovely week, great weather, visits to the pool, the zoo and a fabulous bird of prey show (now I finally know what Johnny Rook means, as I had one race between my legs!) and are now calming down :) 1 more week with chores in and around the house and trying to grab some time for myself. Well, I can try :)

On a different but related event, just before we left, we received word that City Council will help with  daycare for the twins. Great news as we can't otherwise afford it and Kim needs the downtime badly. It does mean we lose all spending money, period. All money left over after the basics like rent, food, gas and insurance goes to the council.

What does this mean?

Well, no money for at least a year, for starters.

Is that a bad thing? Well, as long as the car and other expensive things don't break down, we have little savings and family willing to help out.

Sounds bad, but it isn't. (eternal optimist speaking)

A. Good for the kids, as they get to spend time with other kids their age and they can learn from them
B. Good for Kim, as she gets time off to help herself and as soon as therapy starts, get more help.
C. Good for me. Really? Yes, really.

Let's face it, one of my hobby problems is that I have too much stuff. Way too much. My other problem is that I spend too easily. Yes, I've cut down a lot in the last year, but still. So, lets turn this into something beneficial. I mean, no money means no soda or snacks, and that can only be good! I even ate a apple today :)

I can still sell stuff, and will continue to do so. Proceeds can only go 2 ways, either in my Paypal or straight to my bank account. Since I'm in the red, bank account is good. Paypal will only be used after  agreement with Kim for items that can fill out current and active projects only. Seems simple enough.

So, with that in mind, how does it go from now?

Well, there is plenty of stuff to do. While I was on holiday I received several packages. 1 was a bag of second hand Liberation miniatures (US Army Rangers) from Rob at the Guild that will be perfect for  for my Black Hawk Down project (I did buy them for that) after I finish the Delta's. I also received 2 motivators, a Ssh40 Russian helmet from the fifties for when I start the WW2 Russians that went for way less then militaria sites charge you, and it is practically brand new. I also received a Dutch Royal Navy sailors cap from the Eighties (not that they have changed) from a former Dutch sailor as a motivation  for my 1/3000 naval stuff.

I have enough projects to cover me for a year, so I don't see any problems, and my wife and kids will be better for it :) What is not to like? ;)

I just means that conquering the lead mountain challenge has become indefinite.

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  1. Good news for your family. I am in the same boat with the hobby stuff. Job doesn't pay nearly enough so I need to throttle back on the hobbies so as to save up to get a place for me and Stephanie.

    1. Well, not spending any money on hobbies ain't too bad for a while, as long as you know what you are working for. I imagine the rent can be pretty steep in Vegas?

    2. It really varies depending on the neighborhood. There are lots of vacant houses, do to the housing crash. But even though I am full time employed, I still can not afforded a place yet. At least not in a location I would want to live at. (Ghetto)
      Vegas is actually a pretty large city, with almost a million people living in it and the surrounding area.

    3. But we should have enough saved up in a month or two to get a decent 2-3 bedroom place. In a location where I feel safe moving into.

  2. Good news on the day care. My wife has a similar condition to yours so I can understand how that effects life plus I also had a couple of years where I couldn't really spend much on my wargames. To be honest not being able to spend does make you make the most of what you've already got, you just have to be good and not look at manufacturers websites too often. Now things aren't so tight financially and I do allow myself to spend on my wargames I do wonder if being able to do so is such a good thing considering how many new projects I've started...


    1. Hi Richard, thx for the reply. I know times will change, I'm just trying to climb that mental hill right now. But I will manage that I think.

  3. That's very good news. Though a daycare can cut two ways, as children (and their parents with them) get sick more often.
    Not being able to buy things isn't too bad. Even with the 6MMMC I end up buying stuff which is shiny but can perfectly do without like tokens.
    Good luck! I hope to see your painted terrain and some miniatures soon ;).

    1. Hello Wouter, well, they survived their first day :) Shiney stuff is always nice, but I want to get the room finished this week, and with the kids out of the way, that should be a possibility! Anyway, I'm getting stuff out of storage and basing it as we speak :)

  4. Good news on the daycare, great that you're both getting some breathing space. And that the girls are getting new play-friends.
    Good luck on the budget clamp-down, and lots of fun as well; limited resources tend to promote creativity, can't wait to see what you come up with!