vrijdag 14 augustus 2015

Pulping in 20mm - brainstorming

I've been looking on and off for Pulp in 20mm ever since I discovered Pulp Alley 2-3 years ago. But 1 hobbyist doesn't make a crowd so I've kept myself buy looking at possible options (plane, car, miniature) and there is actually quite a lot to be had.

Rewind now to a few weeks ago, and I was chatting to Evin about Pulp Alley and Pulp in general and how no one does it in 20mm. He was quite enthousiastic about the idea and getting back into 20mm, so we said, let's do this. So, what did we plan?

For both of us, a floatplane is the quintessential Pulp aircraft, so we will both starting from that. He likes the German army as a pulp force, but didn't want to do something like SS, so he asked me to order him some Britannia Gebirgsjager as a start for his pulp team. All dressed in field caps and carrying back packs, these chaps are quite characterful indeed, and weapon wise they don't look out of place in 1935-1938. For his aircraft, he is thinking big, he is looking at a Ju-52 with floats... a big bird indeed! He's looking around for characters to lead his team right now. As he's quite busy with Inquisimunda as well, it might be some time before we see something from him.

Now for me....as the Germans are taken, but I do want a "bad guy", what options are there for me? Well, after about 2 minutes of brainstorming I had that figured out. (Evil) scientist of course, finally a use for some of the Hydra robots that I have (tiny ones) as well as some headswaps on other figures. I have a Do-18 that looks the part, but I'm looking at something sleeker and more befitting a science team, so I have cast my gaze towards a Bv-138 Flying Clog. It can fit more people (crew of 6 plus 10) and could be a advanced prototype (which was built in 1937). I haven't got one though (yet). Robots and toys are no problem, and scientists are to be had from various companies. A great artifact hunting team!

Second option is back to the BUF. I already have men painted up, and finding troops and characters for it is no problem. A Supermarine Walrus would be nice, or a Stanraer, if I can find one, though there is nothing wrong with the Do-18 in black colours. I thought about a Catalina, but that is too modern for my tastes and this team. Everything would be useful for the VBCW. In bigger games they could buddy up to the Germans or the Scientists.

Third option would be the Church of England guys cause I really like their colour scheme. The Do-18 could be theirs as well, and again finding people for it is not a problem. A Church of England team would be perfect for hunting (and destroying) mysterious artefacts, and fits in with the VBCW.

No hurry for any of this, long term plans and simple, small plans at that. 5 Men and 1 aircraft (waterlined) is enough for what we have planned.

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  1. That sounds cool. I shall look forward to following your progress.

    1. Well, in theory it should not be a problem. I've been looking at it for years now, and with the abundance of miniatures, scenery and vehicles I'm amazed no one is doing it. There are some lovely 20mm character models made. I hope to show more soon!

  2. 20 mm/1:72 is my best scale for pulp. Take a look at my blog:
    especially all posts with "pulp" labels.

    I should make 20 m pulp list soon.

    1. Impressive, but I don't do plastic figures, only metals.