dinsdag 11 augustus 2015


Cleaning up means going through the stash and finding projects started a long time ago and projects that never went beyond the "Buy stuff" phase (it also slows cleaning down a lot). I've used a lot of Chinese take-away boxes to store small projects, with some in bigger storage boxes or (in the case of my Yugoslavia and British Normandy forces projects, a moving storage box).

As it stands now, I will thrown out or sell nothing of those. They are almost exclusively 20mm projects and I mean to get them finished someday. For now, I'm more then happy just to check the box, slap a label on it and put it back in storage, noting down what projects I have.

I've been keeping my eye on the forums as well, looking at bits I could (not "must" or "want" but "could" !) buy at Crisis, with these projects in mind. 3 Months to go till the show, but having a list of stuff way in advance makes it easier to see if I need to come up with more funds, or, more likely, be realistic and remind myself there will be a Crisis next year.

Today this meant noting down a lot of stuff from Thormarillion. A poster on the LAF was looking for suitable statues for Frostgrave and the company was linked as having good stuff. And they sure do. For my Mordheim graveyard I have a wanted list of 4 statues on plinths, a fountain and more graves which they filled in nicely. They also do very nice and affordable Crypts. Going over the rest of the site I found a nice piano and a gramophone player that should be nice and suitable for the 28mm I will start on soon. Whether I will add them to my list depends on how far that project will be when I need to order stuff.

I also found a small box of 20mm contractors for the 2012 Afrika project (the boys from Zwartwater). Since these will fit very well in AK-47 I will revive that project and put everything I have in a single box (vehicles, helos and troops). I might even get some headgear for them as a motivator. <grin> I'll restart them as plain Blackwater though, easier. Just need to clear out my old Photobucket and get the pics listed in the new one properly.

Fortunately, there is plenty of stuff that can go, which makes Kim happy, and she was kind enough to drop all of my 2 cent pieces off at the bank today to trade them in for a few rolls of shiney new 5ct pieces/ That means I will have more then enough bases to start the 28mm Germans with. Which still have not arrived yet..... not that it matters, the room isn't nearly clean enough to get started.

Tonight I'll have another lot of kits to list, plus I need to find the sci-fi doors I made for Elhiem....kind of misplaced the envelope for him, and those should have left last week!

Also tonight, I will go on a small detour and trade a modern Hind-D kit for a Hind-A kit. I like the glasshouse on that one and I have plenty of Hinds as it is. I'll put the a into the AK-47 box for the Communist Block.

Finally, I have added a new Blog to my listing, Dad's Guys. It is a new Blog but he posts well painted Liberation Miniatures and labels each picture with the correct codes so you can finally see what you are ordering. God bless him.

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