maandag 3 oktober 2016

Frankenstein and a Crisis (of the good kind)

After yesterdays let down I decided to keep my head up and move on. I emailed Hasegawa for spare parts in case my seller turns out to be a dead beat (and then emailed team USA by accident, who now has directed me to our local importer....not sure what good that will do me), and then grabbed a spare PSC Panzer IV chassis to do some dryfitting.

99% perfect fit tbh. Technically it should not have 4 return rollers but 3, but the way the track is designed you can't just go cutting off bits. I'll leave that one for the purists to catch. I've plated up the underside of the casemate so you can't look through it sideways. I'll need to cut the front lower chin off the original kit and splice that to the front the PSC hull. Shave off the first 2 roadwheels and stick the metal ones to them. And plenty of the parts will go nicely on this kit. Guns like these scream out for a nice commander figure so I will go over my boxes and see who fits best.

Which brings me to Crisis. The failure to find the correct filter made me go over the list of retailers to see if anyone has them, and while I was at it, I thought why not look if anything else has my fancy too. So here's the shortlist (for now)

*Gringo 40's - He has a Saint-Chamond-Mondragon 75mm gun in his Mexican Revolution range for 5 Pounds that would be just the gun I need for my 28mm Anglican Church gun team. It's old enough at least! (some really interesting history in these guns >> Saint-Chamond-Mondragon ) I have no interest in making forces for VBCW btw. Just this gun team for funsies and to get rid of the itch. I can always sell it later. Scroll down for the gun

*PK-Pro has Mig Ammo 1506 Brown for Dark Green in stock so that is a must for me. 4 euros.

*Shellhole Scenics - 2x 4.7PaK on 36R chassis, good for Barbarossa and Overlord/Fall of the Reich and Holland/Belgium, 15 Pounds for the 2.

*Charlie Foxtrot Models - Just the swimming pool I need for TNT. 7.25 Pounds. >> Pool

*Adler - 2 or 3 packs of the new German Tank commanders for Afrika. Cause the Russian steppes got mighty dusty too. 8-12 Pounds

*Ainsty Castings - 9206 Full wheelie bin plus pile of rubbish. 4,50 Pounds. Wheelie bin

Roughly 40 euro worth of stuff for pre orders. I'm getting soft at my old age :D I've got my eye on some terrain but the compnaies discount program is a bit "vague" so I'm waiting for email confirmation before I commit to an order.

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