zaterdag 27 mei 2017

30 day kit challenge! Day #2 - #5 progress

Right-O, this building business is keeping me off the computer a lot, so that is a good thing for starters. So here is my progress sofar.

The Day #1 Build - 52-K 85mm AA gun (22nd of May)
Now fully based up, I just need to make 4 simple wheel mounts and then she is ready (and can be added to the count)

The Day #2 Build - S-Models BMP-1 (23rd of May)
This is a salvage job from some second hand tanks that I bought. The turret had been raised by almost 10mm, the commanders hatch has been cut away, the lights are missing and the commanders head was actually a home sculpted bears head......jeah, odd, innit? Also the trackwork was broken. Most of this is fixed now, need to add some small details and redo the hatch. I have magnetised the BMP turret.
Paint scheme will be for the Taliban/Northern Alliance/Rebels/Raiders, so mostly weathered green and that is it. Turret will be useful when I make the Technical conversion with it or for use on other vehicles or fortified positions.

Day #3 Build - 2x FtF Polski Fiats (24th of May)
 Super useful and good looking medium truck. Not that hard to build, but you have to keep an eye on 2 things. The front axle mount, including the bumper, is really, really thin. I added extra blocks of plasticcard to strengthen it. Secondly, because it is so thin, if you use too much glue like I accidentally did, it practically melts the wheel nubs and the wheels just sag a lot. Use it sparingly (like I did on the 2nd model, much better)

 Number 2 in progress.
By itself, the cover doesn't sit well. Added 4 pieces of thin plasticcard to improve that so you can get more dual use out of it. One of these will be a civillian for Pulp and WW2 uses (and a bit after), the other is for the desert war. Really good kits, I can reccomend them a lot :) #1 is finished.

Day #4 Build - Airfix salvage job (25th of May)
I picked up a cheap Airfix Rescue Vehicle set at Militracks this week, and it was missing a few parts. And do I really need a fire extinguisgher vehicle? Nah...... In comes some trimming, a full front repair and using PSC donor parts, we now have a civillian beauty for Partisan Warfare of for Operation Sealion.

 Quite a bit of chopping and fitting of donor parts, but that should do it, FINISHED!
Rear end. Good as is.

Day #5 Build - Dapol Water Tower (26th of May)
Dropped in the mail this morning, brandnew. Made it a bit different and kept the space between the legs open so I can park stuff under it or whatever I can think of. It's quite big so will work quite well for 28mm too.

A little detailing is needed but essentially done.

Day #6 Build (27th of May). I've grabbed this one: 
....but other then cleaning parts, nothing yet sofar.

So, sofar 2 done, and the rest is waiting on finishing but I keep going at it. It's nice to be very motivated to get them built and ready for paint.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. You're making good progress.
    Not only are you assembling kits, but you're even basing and changing them to suit your needs.
    Keep on going 😉.

  2. Really nice job. Your production rate is amazing!

    1. You'd be amazed how quick you can work when not having a PC running infront of you :)