woensdag 3 mei 2017

A bridge too far - salvage job

Still going over my collection of boxes, I pulled out a partially smashed H0 bridge, with a bag with most of the broken parts. Most were clean breaks, that I managed to fix with simple plastic glue, but one of the feet was really smaed up and I had to epoxy that. As she is now, I need to fix 3 small areas with some plasticcard, fix some of the flash and excessive glue from the p[rvious owner, then plate over the length of her with wood like the other one. I'm thinking about doing the same with the one that is already painted.

Well, when getting second hand stuff you never really know what you are going to get, pictures from a lot tend to not be very good 9 out of 10 times. Of course, it doesn't help if you drop the box it is in.... It is by far my largest bridge, at 34 centimeters (or 13 inches for you lot across the Channel)

All of these bridges are meant as rural ones, wood planking for the most, so they work from the late 1900's up to now, depending on your location. Being able to work for 28mm is a side thought, but these will come in handy for things like Necromunda as well.

My keen eye did spot one thing.

They are both the same width (and annoyingly, the painted one isn't!) but I spotted that both (and the painted one with some modification) can be modded to have the exact same supports, with a embedded rare eearth magnet, and slotted into place in a later to build ramp. This way, one rampset will be able to hold all bridges and any puture ones I decide to make.

Plenty of examples of ramps to be found online:
The basiscs are quite simple. 2 ramps and a bridge part. This works in any scale.

Some lovely ideas here, depending on the surrounding you can be as elaborate as you want to be.

Just lovely.

Of course, adding derelict sections becomes quite easy as well.

Turning it back into a railroad one isn't that hard either:
Just slap the FoW ones that I have on top of the woodwork and call it a day (sadly, that does not work with the small one).

In the future, I want to build pioneer bridges and bailey bridges in the same fashion, but no rush right now. First I want to get these 3 done.

But yes, no problem.

Anyway, fixing my problem bridge is rather easy. Just expand the broken bits into square shapes, fill in with scrap plasticcard and glue into place. When it has hardend, cut to size and give it a good sanding.

The missing L beam is still a bit wobbly....I will cut it down and glue a longer L beam on the inside for added strength, once this has set. No need to be perfect, just make it strong enough to last for quite a while.

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  1. What an amazing safe!
    You're really quite adept at this.
    Is the self made ramp shown your creation as well?

    1. That's a 6mm one from a very creative fellow who's name I keep forgetting :) But that is what I am aiming for, yes.