dinsdag 23 mei 2017

30 day kit challenge! (say what now?) Day #1

Greetings fellow addicts! It's time for something new.....

Glorious indeed. So what is the 30 day kit challenge? Well, something I just made up. I'm a bit fed up with the tons of kits that I am buying and not building. So with that in mind I'm starting the 30 day kit build challenge TM.

Goals are simple, you will build kits during the 30 day challenge:

  • Any material (plastic, resin, metal, wood).
  • New in the box or partially built, it matters not.
  • Gun, tank, truck, aircraft, ship, animal? Your call.
  • Kit must be basically finished, based if you prefer that, to qualify.
  • Finished kit must be ready for primer.
  • Resin and metal upgradesets can be applied after the build.....the goal is to get kits built and ready for primer, not to finish them with paint and varnish etc.
  • You decide how many kits/models you want to build in the 30 day period.
  • You set the penalty for not meeting your goal (and after that it is the honor system)
Anything beyond that is up to you tbh.

My goal is, in the period from 22-5-2017 up to  21-6-2017, is to build a kit every single day, up to a grand total of 30 kits. If I can build more kits per day, then jay, if I can't build too many during the week and have to finish them in the weekend, no problem. 30 is my goal and I'm sticking to that.
My penalty is that if I don't make my target, I will sell a kit from my stash equal to the amount of kits built I'm short of 30.

So, starting with Day #1 (22nd of May 2017), I'm starting with an Ace kit. Yes, I must be a glutton for pain and despair.
To make things even worse for myself, I've decided to make the gun a German beute for a static position, as well as one that can be mounted on a guntruck as I've seen them used in the Middle East like that, and so for TW:2K as well.

As it's 2 in the morning now and I have a schoolday, I'm stopping with it for today. It is basically 95% done, it just needs a custom base. The gunmount is magnetised so I can mount it on a ship or a truck.

I've left some bits off, placed some bits in a slightly easier to paint position and made sure the seat would stay on.

This is what I am going for:
Beute gun in static AA position, with wheels removed. This was also used late war as a ad hoc AT gun (as it basically has the 85mm gun from the T-34/85) which is what I am building it for. Just what my Volksgrenadeers need.

Gun is now 95% done. Things to do are:
  • Base it.
  • Make 4 wheel hubs and mount them.
  • Design the defensive works as you see in the picture (AFTER I build a 88 as that is the max size of what I need so I don't need to make defensive structures for each individual gun.
I've brought some kits down from the attic, not sure yet what I will build as my number #2.

Current status: Day 1: 0 done.

Feel free to join in btw. Get shit done :)

12 opmerkingen:

  1. OK then - I am in... although I will be lucky to get three done before Barbarossa day :)

    My first is a FT-17 that I started long ago.

    Blog is here: https://pewterpixelwars.blogspot.com/

    Good luck!

    1. You just have to build them mate, not finish them with paint as well, that's for the next challenge(s)! :D

  2. A very fun challenge.
    I haven't got that many kits laying around though and assembling/cleaning a miniature seems a bit like cheating as it can be done quite easily.

    Good luck!

    1. 1 kit equals 15 miniatures sanded, cleaned and based :)

  3. Best of Luck!
    I won't be joining in, as for me, getting stuff built isn't the issue, getting stuff painted is...

  4. Nice challenge. Problem is that I don't have any kits to build at the moment. Only a lot of stuff to paint.

    1. Then use it as a painting challenge. Set a goal and work towards it :)

  5. Oh what a cunning plan. I'll join in the fun. Will post efforts on "Somewhere in England" Blog.
    To put my money where my mouth is will offer you one kit for each one more than me you complete.
    Let the games begin.

  6. I am joining you but starting on the 6th of June,

    I really need to complete a lot of stuff just sitting around