zaterdag 14 oktober 2017

50 cent challenge - strange steel towers

I picked up a lot box at the Goodwill store this week, containing finger skateboard scenery, Matchbox copy cars, Matchbox scenic stuff, some Playmobil mand a set of girder ish towers. 36 items in all for 7 euros, so that falls nicely into the 50m cents challenge catagory.

There are no markings on them, but I suspect they are for supporting a Matchbox playset bit of track? I really don't know. It had some sort of pin system on the underside and on the top. I cut those off and filed it smooth.

(28mm figure for scale reference)

In my mind, I can see these work as some sort of equipment rigs, floodlight towers, VSF moorings for airships, or relay towers for a (sci-fi) airfield. Anything goes really. I've decided to paint these up in a weathered beat up style, so they fit a backwater, abandonded or post apoc area (which covers 100% of my gaming needs). I'm also leaving off anything scale realated. Right, added a triangle base so I can shove them together as a single unit, or keep them seperate. Epoxied a lot of fishing lead to the base for stability. Added sand. Delved into the bits box and grabbed some 1/24 truck kit coils, pinned and glued those to the top, and another greebly on top to cap that. Sanded the sides smooth to remove the tiny mould line.

I thought it needed more so grabbed my spool of 1.5mm soldering wire and added a thick electrical cable from the base to the top, and tacked it in place.

Added another greebly on top, did a little clean up and everything is setting and drying now. Will give a good alcohol rub down in the evening before basecoating it, as for the first time in a long time, I feel like painting again :)

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