zondag 1 oktober 2017

Feeling a bit fenced in - Crossing the T

Started cleaning and scraping all the bases of stuff made sofar, and sanding them. Also just finished 8 pieces of T shaped fence, 4 of each version (being a T piece on the left and a T piece on the right, and the back of both sides looks just like the back of a normal wall.)

As Modhail pointed out to me, these and X shaped sections of fence would be really helpful to fence off areas inside the bigger area. So, 1 lazy saturday afternoon later...

And I need to clean my desk tonight.

But....another 120 cm of fence added to the lot, so I'm now on 5.95 metres of fence.....now to sort out signs for the various ideas I have for the stuff....compound, factory, storage, government facility, junkyard, etc etc.

Almost 6 metres in their drawer...doesn't look like much, does it :)

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