maandag 2 oktober 2017

Progress on the Siegfried line

Did not feel like doing more fences tonight, so grabbed my Italeri Dragons Teeth, did a few visual checks to see what worked best for me, and started cutting bases and putting them on. With my steel rules I made sure they (mostly) aligned as good as I could get them, and just tipped the corners with Tamiya extra thin cement, which is a God send for this kind of work due to the capillary don't have to toutch anything and kick it out of alignment.

4 boxes of Italeri defences have now given me 40 inches of Dragon's Teeth (3x 10 inch and 2x 5 inch) and a couple of small tooth corners. I will try and save up for another 4 boxes, so I can add 2 extra 10 inchers, 4 extra 5 inchers and cast up a few of the big tooth to make corner pieces out of that as well. Then a 5 inch destroyed section, a 5 inch bulldozed section, 2 types of 5 inch gates and 2 endcaps that are 2.5 inches and that should be enough for almost 100 inches of Dragon's Tooth. And after, or during, we will start work on the foam AT ditches to replace my, still unbuilt, EWM one which is new in the bag and can be sold.

I just need to cut a few more 45 degree pieces and maybe even 2 90 degree pieces, and put the lot back in the drawer as I have no idea when I will have the money to buy more boxes of defences. If ever tbh.

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  1. Gunbird you must try and find rubber waffle pans and cast the dragons teeth yourself.loo here


    1. Thx GReg, I looked at that in the past, even tried a few, and turned it down as I don't have acces to casting resin, I will never use (dental) plaster as it will chip eventually no matter how well you take care of it, and at 8 euros per 10 inches of Dragons Teeth, plus a whole box of other essentially free stuff, these are, cost for time, much more suitable to my needs. Plus they already have the detailing that I need plus the light weight of plastic.