vrijdag 18 november 2011

Father Bernard Arduro

Father Bernard Arduro from the Order of Brothers of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mt. Carmel

Father Bernard was teaching at the local school when he was abducted by a local militia for not giving high enough grades to the son of their commander. During 3 days of torture he received multiple fractures and lost his left eye. On the 4th day the local authorities raided the militia compound and rescued him, in the process wounding him even more and killing over half the miltia including the commander, despite pleas from Father Bernard to end the bloodshed and to surrender.

He feels he has failed in his duties as a Christian by not preventing so many deaths, but hopes to atone himself by raising the commanders son (which doubles as his driver) and being a voice of peace between the various warring factions.

The model is from Mutineer Miniatures, Christian Militia Command. I removed his sidearm. For the Big Game 2012 he will function as part of my Translator team. I don't expect him to live long.

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