dinsdag 8 november 2011


I think all of these episodes of Junkyard Wars rubbed off a bit :D

Since I don't mind painting loads as long as I can see progress, I went back to my old 2 colour and a wash method for doing rust and it was a breeze. Wet thinned paint and washes dries very quickly when stippled on and gives a coarse raised feel due to all of the point. Here is what I did this morning and have actually finished, there is more but that is for later.

15mm Roof Water Tank from The Scene

Prefectly usable for other scales, from 28's to 6mm, I'll propably paint one up as a sludge tank as well.

Preiser HO scale pallets
You get 60 of these in a pack, should keep me supplied for quite a while.

Rusty steel plate
I have no idea what it originally is, it comes from the Sgts' Mess rubble pack which is worth its weight in gold. With every order from them you must include at least one pack, it is filled with tons of assorted junk and no single pack is the same.
The last 2 count as difficult ground for infantry, nice way to block a few paths on the junkyard.

Size comparison aka group shot

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