vrijdag 11 november 2011

Lots more junk

Added more items to the junk yard.

Ruined bed and cooker, both from Frontline , 20mm Blitz Bits

Diecast Beetle convertible, 2nd hand purchase, brand unknown

Finished 2 more water tanks from The Scene, red tap and yellow tap. Don't drink from the yellow tap! ( I like these loads, when I do a future purchase at The Scene I'll be sure to include more of these)

Scrap I beam from Sgts' Mess and part of a HO oil refinery

Airco unit from The Scene. Now just scrap.

2 skips from The Scene and a experiment in painting weathered yellow. I added the tarp myself.

And a bigger picture shot:

Not sure what is next. Picked up some 2nd hand kits for the scrapyard, but might also get back to a few figs. We'll seee, the day is still young.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Great junkyard!
    Super work on the watertanks

  2. Wow...more great junk for good-guys and bad guys to crawl around in! Great work!

  3. Great work, soon you can play Scrapyard challange as a table top game.

  4. Top notch modelling. Excellent painting and basing.

  5. Wonderful stuff- when will we see them in a game?

  6. Hmm, maybe next year. Bit of a long term project this.