vrijdag 4 november 2011

More wrecks

Been infected by the snot monster this week so didn't get any new stuff done, so just 2 more wrecks tonight.

1 old wheelless VW Beetle from Britannia. Got it from Dave once, he was going to send the wheels as well, I never really pressed the issue but sadly he died before he could send them. Still, she does nicely as a wreck. This one is for you Dave.

Nothing fancy, just a wreck being slowly overgrown. Tried aging/frosting the headlights, that came out ok, and tried to fade the windows as well, but that didn't work out as I wanted twice. Reckoned the plastic headlights would fade quicker anyway :). This is one from the varnish disaster so it is more shiney then what I'd like but she will fit in quite nicely in the scrapyard.

Second is a miscast I got from Brian over at the Hobby Den during my last trip to Ireland. It came with a severely miscast tail end that was still very rubbery so I cut that part off, removed 1 damaged headlight (which I could have done better, tbh) and gave it a base. I used a different style for the rust that seems to work pretty convincingly.

And for a look of what I have sofar:

1 more wreck of a VW Beetle to do (a busted Diecast) and that is enough for now. I will need some beat up Russian trucks but those can come next year or so.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. The Bug is really a work of art. Definitely an eye catcher! The overgrowth of vines is excellent.

  2. This is excellent stuff, you have provided some great inspiration, thanks.

  3. I have a couple of wrecks that might interest you:



  4. The first one with that massive base is rather useless to me cause it would be too much work to remove, but the 2nd one is really nice and not too expensive either. Easy to paint one up for various areas. I'll keep my eye on these, better scrounge up some more budget for these :)

  5. Nice painting, and seing your picture I realised we have been in line about 30 minutes at Crisis next to eachother. I should have known when you mentioned visiting Eire and Pierce !!!!!


  6. The weathering and basing is REALLY effective - well done!