zaterdag 20 februari 2016

Always Nuka Cola.....

My first commission in about forever, 20 roadblocks for a paying friend in Ireland.
32mm wooden cubes, concreted, aged and weathered. Will work for any 28mm game, be it WW2, Modern or Sci-Fi. (If you are interested in these, shoot me a message, my rates are low and I need the money)

And for myself, a Nuka Cola objective, made with a traded bottle and a laserprint replacement label
and bottlecap thx to Remco. Will look nice in front of a ruin on the tabletop.
60mm round base, real glass and with real liquid, collectors Coca Cola bottle with a new weathered and aged label. 12 cm tall so it stands out on the table.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. A Nice touch for your Fall Out table, tying the scenery even tighter with the setting.
    I thought you weren't going to do more commission works ;-).
    These blocks might work for scifi games too, given a little twist. I'll think about it.

    1. Not much of a choice Wouter now that I have lost my job, and I don't know when I can find a new one. Fortunately, I'll focus on friends first as they know my limitations. And luckily my current wanted list for stuff is pretty slim, the new Battlegroup book (Wacht am Rhein), the TNT rulebook and a starter package 1/600 armour. For the rest I have everything I need for some time to come.