donderdag 11 februari 2016

Space is a valuable commodity, Part 2

Remember part 1? space is a valuable commodity

Today, I finished putting together all of the paint racks Patrick from Pat's Laser Cuttings had given me at Poldercon. Turns out Patrick made a slight error in the amount of stuff he had to cut for me so I'm 3 racks short of my full order, but i contacted him straight away, told him what was missing and he is right on, I should receive the missing parts this week or so.  So, with 9 narrow and 2 wide ones built (1 was prebuilt by Patrick to see if he got his calculations correct and was given to me as a freebie) and waiting for the remaining 3, I can show you what a full rack looks like.
9 narrow and 2 wide makes for a perfect fit in a space that doesn't have the bit attached to the door, else I would lose the space for 1 rack, and the 3 remaining ones are spares for later and can fit on another plank if I wanted to. After putting in some paints to test the dimensions, I can happily say that the 9 narrow racks hold 30 paints each (so 270 in total) and the wide racks hold 21 paints each (so 42 in total). With my current paint collection (ignoring all of my Games Workshop for a moment that I hardly ever use anyway) this means I have about 1,5 narrow racks spare and 1 full wide rack. As I plan to buy more Vallejo washes and MiG Ammo weathering painst in the future this gives me all the room I need for a while.
The racks handle easy enough, even when filled to the max, as there is some wiggle room for my finger to grab a rack from the side and then slide it out with no problem. All that is left for me to do is to paint the exposed side gloss white with a extra coat of varnish, and then fire up the labelprinter to print out the paint codes (VMC 1-10 for instance, I have almost the complete set of that series, or just VPA for the few Panzer Aces colours that I own)

Now I can hear you say, I can't see my paints, now I can't just grab the colour that I need right now. Well, good for you, but 9 out of 10 times I'm painting by the numbers dictated by my notebook. I just grab the codes that I need and paint away. If  I do need to experiment, which happens from time to time, I can just slide open a rack and look at the bottles to see what colour I want as that is clearly visible. Just takes a hint of effort, no biggie. And it frees up a ton of space as these 2 paintracks:

...dominated my table space left and right of my monitor. Not that my tablespace isn't dominated by a ton of junk on it, but hey, details. :) Now, I can store almost 300 paints where before I could only fit 100. I'm now another step closer to swapping rooms with the kids. Something, that, due to the termination of my contract, is a lot closer then we had previously planned,

(Gameplan - in 3 weeks time I'm out of a job. To fool my brain and act like I still have a job, I have given myself 2 weeks to clean out my storage space in the city, toss what I can't sell quickly, save the miniatures and rulebooks, and trash everything else including the furniture, or have some guy buy the lot. Not having a storage space to pay for saves me 60 euros a month better spent on other things like a full tank of gas (at current prices) - Also, when that is done I can focus 8 hours a day at cleaning the current hobby room, packing everything up in boxes and moving it upstairs, leaving just the empty cabinets and tables. Then I have to time it for when the girls stay at my parents place for 2 days to get the lot dissasembled, moved out of the way, and the kids stuff moved into this room, and then store the lot in the what will be my new hobby room, so I can start assembling it after the kids come back. Big plans, I know, and in the meantime I have to try and find work as well, but now, if ever, is the best time to get this move done cause I have the time I would not have had, had I still been working. Well, that's how I feel about it anyway. I really want to see this happen asap. Only took me over a year to get there :) The pic has now been printed out as a motivator on my door......

And that is it really. What do you think of it?

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  1. I think it is excellent & appears to perfectly suit your way of working.

    1. Apparently not just me, I had it posted on the Dutch Wargames FB group and Patrick already attracted 2 more people who want the exact same thing :)