donderdag 18 februari 2016

Eureka moment - cheap cityfight cover

I originally picked up 6 wooden cubes from a kids playset at the goodwill store 2 weeks back. Just paint them stone, put the statues on top, done. As I completely managed to balls up painting the Space Marine statue yesterday I grabbed the blocks again and gave them some thought.

I'd previously looked at Jersey barriers from several manufacturers, but it adds up really quickly and you need a lot for a simple table, so that was out then and it is really out now.

So....why not just paint the blocks concrete, add a bent paperclip to the top for a rusted lifting ring and use these as barriers. They are big enough to hide a single (heroic) 28mm fig. Heck, I can even slap some posters on some of them to make them either 40K or general PA
So, some generous applying of wetted down filler on 5 sides later we have 6 roughed up wooden cubes. Now to pick up some paperclips from work tomorrow and pick up a bag of these cubes at the goodwill store on friday. Or maybe just take the entire box and give to the girls what I don't need, seeing as the box with over a 100 blocks was a fiver and they charged me 1 euro for the six blocks I picked up...simple math I think :) Don't think Kim will be too pleased when I do that, but I still have some coin in my pocket for just this occasion.

Really chuffed with my simple and cheap solution.

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