maandag 29 februari 2016

It ain't easy being green

Really had to push myself to start these, and once I did the first one it just flowed without any issues.
3 smokers, 2 turretpoppers, 1 sleeper, 1 flipper and a gangbang. I've reversed the turrets from the poppers this time so I can add a nice white inside contrasting colour like I did with my flipped BMP-1 turret way back. Also did the T-55's barrels corectly this time, with a bit of barrel in front of the fume extractor. I did that wrong the last time.

In all likelyhood these will become Warsaw Pact (Poles or NVA - not that it matters much as in this scale they look alike) so I got that sorted and I think I have enough T-55 wrecks now....well, maybe I will make some Iranian ones but as far as I have seen their camouflage for the T-55....well, they used captured Iraqi ones, so....yes, maybe.

With an eta for bases at 2 weeks, and miniatures at 2-6 weeks I think I will be making moulds of the Shilka and the BRDM-2 I've got so I can turn those into wrecks....fortunately, for the type of games I want to play I'll more then likely field 1-2 BRDM-2's and 1 Shilka, so each of the 3 will get 3 more wrecks added to the collection. After that I'm out of models and I will have to wait till the new lot arrives. Never had that with a project before.

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