donderdag 18 februari 2016

Cheap Cityfight cover WIP

So, lastnight I smeared wallfiller all over 6 of them and let that dry, and this afternoon I sanded them again, not smooth, but leaving a pattern. I used a sponge and added a a grey with a pinkish hue craft paint on all of them, and after that dried a stone grey craft paint, also with a sponge, pushing it into the ridges. Then, using another sponge and a piece of heavy card, I marked all of them with weatherd yellow lines on top. Drilled holes and inserted bent pieces of paperclip and added a wathered down wallfiller to the metal...this creates a beuatiful corroded effect when painted brown and washed. Then some more weathering with a off white sponge for highlights, and right now I'm adding pinwashes with very thinned mud Devlan Mud and Vallejo Dark Grey. This picture is from just before that.
I'll weather the bottom halves with some darker colours, and then add posters to a few of them I think, and call them done.

I will do a tutorial on these soon, as they are dirt cheap to make and a ultra fast way to get additional cover on the table.

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