maandag 22 februari 2016

Concrete barriers samples (various sizes)

Gone over my wooden block collection and sorted out some samples of various shapes and sizes I can build and paint if you like. Added  a 20mm and 28mm fig for scale.

(another dreadful phone cam photo, I know, but this was a quickie for a interested party - I'll do better shots when I get round to it)

For now, I've settled at 1,50 Pounds excl shipping each for the 28mm sized stuff (the cilinder, the large rectangular block in the back and the 32mm cube) and 1.30 Pounds each for the smaller cube and barriers. I'm pretty sure I can get suitable cilinders for 20mm too if needed.

So a set of 28mm scaled blocks, 20 pieces, will set you back 35 pounds for most of Europe, and this includes a shipping discount, for ready painted and weathered put on the table and game with it scenery.

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