vrijdag 10 januari 2014

Started work on Refugees

In Fall of the Reich (FotR) there is an optional rule that lets the German player move a group of refugees across a road towards a tableedge. If the group succesfully moves off the table the German player can place a random chit back in the pot.

Optional, but just my cup of tea.

The guidelines is 2 stands with refugees, and I will make one with just walkers, and this one, with 2 horses, a cart and everything but the kitchen sink.

The cart is a WW1 German field cart from HaT, kindly donated to me by Sander. In the pic there are 2 cows in front of it, but when finished there will be 2 horses, the cows being livestock I'm painting for Normandy. I sculpted (damn. I'm rusty with that) a matress to lie in the back next to the bath tub. It will need a few more bits to fill it up properly,

I'll be doing loads of WW2 this year as I've joined the 2014 Build over at the Guild, picking the WW2 theme so I can be as diverse as possible, and maybe I'll do some 6mm next to my 20mm as well. A refugee column in 6mm shouldn't be too hard to do :)

Lot's more to come.