woensdag 30 november 2011

Old Shelter

Shelter off a Military Wheels AS-3 truck kit. I picked up 2 of these trucks cheaply at Crisis. I'll propably do something with the chassis and maybe build the other one properly, who knows :)

Fits in with the scrapyard, Fallout as well as Stalker. Decal is from TL-Decals.

Renault UE Werfer ready for basecoat

Ready to be basecoated.

Friend or Foe Renault UE (sold as the Rumanian Malaxa) with 4 SHQ werfercrates.
Added a thin strip around the crates as they are rather fragile and this helped building them. If I do another one I'll add a few rockets while building the crates, I tried to get them in several times but found I had to trim the rocket stubs to get it in and then they had nothing to attatch themselves to. Oh well, lesson learned.

vrijdag 25 november 2011

A busy WIP table

I have a very busy WIP table at the moment, and these are just a few of the vehicles.

From left to right:
FoF Renault UE, a bit of cleaning to do and then convert it to the Wurfrahm version, my first model for KGN.
Hobbyden Technical, based and washed, ready for weathering. Just a display tester as I won't be doing Militia (any time soon that is).
Hobbyden Shorland, based and ready to be turned into a ZNN news car for the Africa game and propably quite a few other things.
Hobbyden Mercedes, suitably trashed and based, a bit of detail needs to be added before it is ready to be painted for the scrapyard.
The hard shelter of a Eastern European truck kit, based by itself, meant as a small (guard) shack for my Stalker project.

Decided to replace my MD-500 gunship (it just didn't look right)) with a old Matchbox Dauphin that I am turning into a Harbin Z-9W. So far so good, fit isn't that good but filler helps as does crossbracing the cockpit area. As the weapon mounts are quite thin my usual magnet trick didn't work so I opted for aluminum tubing. I've started out with turning 2 modern 500 pound bombs into 7.65 gun pods, just need to add the barrels, good excercise. After this I need to make a set of 23mm cannons and a set of AT missiles. Their rocket pods are a bit different compared to anything in my collection so not sure how to work my way around that. Decals weren't really easy to find but with some assistance from Sgt. Scream these have been sourced as well. Lots of work to do though, sensors, tail, more sanding, weapon pods etc. But the Rutger Base (TM) works like a charm.

I've been updating these Britannia M35 trucks into M35A2's by adding an exhaust system.
I also removed the winch from 2 of them and need to change the soft top into a hard top, basically add a bit of putty.
They are meant for transporting my US troops for Fire in the North and TW:2K but can double for almost anything as you see them second hand all over the world.

This one will double for TW:2K as well as my mercs for the Big game Africa, but is has been on and off my table for a dozen times now. I can't seem to make up my mind about what course to go with it. Uparmoured the cab area but took it all off again as it looked like shit. Anyone got ideas?

A objective for modern games (or something for the junkyard....) with Fire in the North in mind, a F-111 cockpit:
Picked up a few ECM F-111's after the holiday sales for a few euros each but their wargaming potential is minimal. At least this way I'm getting some use from it and the rest can go into the spares bin.

More letterboxes!

vrijdag 18 november 2011

Even more junk

A never ending flow of debris it seems :)

A beat up second hand Majorette trailer with the wheels and towhook removed and suitably based.

A metal door from The Scene. I added a spare Heller Blitz steering wheel to it.

I had a go at making a fridge and a toilet bowl. Neither came out quite the way I wanted but I didn't want to let them go to waste so based and painted them with a HO scale door for added colour. I'll be making more refridgerators and assorted items, might get them casted up as well.

And a teaser for the future:

Father Bernard Arduro

Father Bernard Arduro from the Order of Brothers of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mt. Carmel

Father Bernard was teaching at the local school when he was abducted by a local militia for not giving high enough grades to the son of their commander. During 3 days of torture he received multiple fractures and lost his left eye. On the 4th day the local authorities raided the militia compound and rescued him, in the process wounding him even more and killing over half the miltia including the commander, despite pleas from Father Bernard to end the bloodshed and to surrender.

He feels he has failed in his duties as a Christian by not preventing so many deaths, but hopes to atone himself by raising the commanders son (which doubles as his driver) and being a voice of peace between the various warring factions.

The model is from Mutineer Miniatures, Christian Militia Command. I removed his sidearm. For the Big Game 2012 he will function as part of my Translator team. I don't expect him to live long.

vrijdag 11 november 2011

Lots more junk

Added more items to the junk yard.

Ruined bed and cooker, both from Frontline , 20mm Blitz Bits

Diecast Beetle convertible, 2nd hand purchase, brand unknown

Finished 2 more water tanks from The Scene, red tap and yellow tap. Don't drink from the yellow tap! ( I like these loads, when I do a future purchase at The Scene I'll be sure to include more of these)

Scrap I beam from Sgts' Mess and part of a HO oil refinery

Airco unit from The Scene. Now just scrap.

2 skips from The Scene and a experiment in painting weathered yellow. I added the tarp myself.

And a bigger picture shot:

Not sure what is next. Picked up some 2nd hand kits for the scrapyard, but might also get back to a few figs. We'll seee, the day is still young.