woensdag 13 december 2023

Race to the drain cancelled.

 I've had a little setback hands and brainwise so nothing new to show.

I have however a little bit of news. Not bad or good, not sad or happy news. I've been declared 100% unfit for work or arbeidsongeschikt as we call it here. It took me 7 years of fighting to finally accept that this isn't going to work (ha, pun!) anymore.

In my last report the Doc cleared me for 6 hours a day, 30 hours a week of light office work, but the Jobcoach (Arbeidsdeskundige) not only fully disagreed with thatc onclusion, he went against it in full force as the Doc was being very vague and overly optimistic that I would be fully healthy again soon. A pretty bold claim seeing I've been slowly getting worse year after year.

Final call, 100% unable to work. And I'm forbidden to work in a callcenter again as those are deemed detrimental to my health.Which leaves....nothing, in my condition. 

So that is that.No more constant pressure to get back to work, crash again, repeat.

Next week back into the hospital for more Neurological tests, after that possible surgery on my hands again, which might make things better.....questionmark?

Hobbywise....I hope to have something nice to show you soon. maybe.