woensdag 17 augustus 2011

German Early War force for Barbarossa, part 8

Right, finished updating the Minimi 252. Stripped all detail from the top, cut a few new hatches and gave it some minor detailing and 2 headlights, and busted 1 up. Ready for paint. Just need to scout for funds to pick up the ammo trailer.

woensdag 10 augustus 2011

German Early War force for Barbarossa, part 7

Since my painting vibe has left me (actually its over at my gf's place) and all I have here is a basic tool set I took home some cleaned and based models to fill a few holes and update them. I know, the Stugs really should wait, but I have nothing to finish on the original batch now so I started the Stug gruppe. First up is the 253 from Minimi:

I spent some of my budget on a small SHQ order that included 2 sets of scissor scopes, 1 for this vehicle. And then I end up scratchbuilding the contraption anyway..... Added headlights, Notek, cap on the front armour plate, rails for the cabling, jerry cans, armoured box for the antenna and rearranged the rear deck hatch. Not only is it way too big, but facing the wrong way as well. All remidied now and ready for primer.