woensdag 12 juni 2013

Back to the BUF

In May 2011 I finished my first 2 models for the BUF, namely these:

(You are looking at Reginald Petersbury-Archer and his chauffeur Ainsley Welkes)

And then did nothing with them. But every year or so the fever returns and I want to build some more kit for it. Having recently aquired 20mm scale BUF decals (Thx Taylor!) I thought it was time to get the ride done, plus some escorts.

Prelimanary work sofar:
Propaganda car with scratchbuilt speakers (recycled Vickers Light tank cuppolas)

 And 2 escort Vickers Light tanks with twin MG's

 I'm thinking the main colour for these will be grey, but lighter then German grey. Must do a few tests before I decide. Maybe even a camo job.

vrijdag 7 juni 2013

BGK/BGO Markers

Decided I could not afford those lovely markers as seen on Ebay, so why not make them myself? I do have a laminator, so hey. 10 minutes in Excel and 15 minutes cutting them all apart.

I've got markers now for my 6mm/20mm forces (and no reason not to use these for 15mm as well):
-Ammo low
-Out of ammo
-Reserve move
-Ambush fire
-Low on fuel
-Out of fuel

The last 2 are my own creation as I have a feeling that for Fall of the Reich fuel might be a problem for the Germans. If not, they are fun for scenarios.

If you want a copy, let me know, it is a simple Excel file, 1 sheet, that I can email ya.

zondag 2 juni 2013

Spring cleaning

I've recently become unemployed again, so it seemed like a good time to overhaul the hobby room (again), put up a ton of stuff for sale to make sure my wargames purchases dont have to be put on hold for a well (they have been toned down a lot for the past 18 months though, nothing like in ye olde days)

So after a long week of sorting, taking pic and trying to get some painting done, the end result was this. Total chaos.

So a good cleaning was in order. Tadaa!

Also redid the storage cabinets (I was cleaning and sorting anyway)

Projects and spares in the left, paints and tools in the middle, bare metal and more tools on the right. Cupboards for running projects and painted stuff.

Nice and tidy. For now.  :ph34r:  Just need to raid Ikea for more boxes.