dinsdag 30 maart 2021

Bunker - Drone - Dud

 20mm Tankbunker based on photo from Afghanistan, drone for 15-28mm games and a dud (also 20mm)


zondag 28 maart 2021


I actually finished stuff....20mm BRDM-2 wrak for Stalker, Afrika, Afghanistan or TW2K and cargo containers for 15mm Stargrave. Hope you like!

dinsdag 2 maart 2021

A bit of old, a bit of new

 Not much to say, have 2 online group paints so I have a planned reason to paint. Old scenery that can (finally?) be finished. More work to do. Esci T-62 and SandS BRDM-2. Once done, will work for Stalker, Afghanistan, TW:2K

It's nice to be back :)