woensdag 27 maart 2019

Regular posting will resume in a bit

Had surgery on my right hand yesterday, and will need to rest for a bit. Also, typing with 1 hand is bloody slow.

donderdag 21 maart 2019

Bricking the night away...

I get a brick, you get a brick, we all get bricks!

Test arch. I can do better.
 How my walls start life.

Centre biut will be my 2nd test arch

 I received a bits order and it included a proper weapon for my Undead Knight (Thingy) so fitted that. And now he is playing Croquet it seems.... One final check and then he is ready for primer.

donderdag 14 maart 2019

Yes, even more bleedin bricks...

....but now painted and finished. Well, the first ruin needs a bit more dust to tie it in, but that is for tomorrow. Done for today, and the scenery size reference is a Genestealer on a 32mm base.

woensdag 13 maart 2019

I see dead places

Took a break from the fences, took some MDF, 2 blocks of styrofoam and cut some thin sheets of Styrodur.

2nd coat of fixer for the sand tomorrow, then dry for 24 hours, and do the double black basecoat on friday. Also build the seperate door tomorrow or friday and insert.

Same really for the wall. Trimmed down the base, sanded it, needs a bit of filler etc in places plus a second fixer coat and then too 24 hours of drying and setting time.

Found a mini Me for 15 cents. Will get the same treatment

maandag 11 maart 2019

So, this happend....

Was asked by a friend to make him 3 metres of 28mm of ACW snake fence. Asked around and another friend wants 3 metres as well. I've held off doing comissions for a long time after my accident with the reasoning I want to get back to work. As that is looking to be very unlikely, I'm better off spending my time when the pain isn't so bad doing stuff instead of sitting on my ass and add hobby money. I can work it when I want.

So, time for a factory line....

dinsdag 5 maart 2019

1st of many wallsections done.

Tufted and dusted. I call this ready. Will work for 15mm, 20mm and 28mm. Any arid area in Sci-Fi, Ancient, or Today. Superuseful.

Again with the bricks. Yes, more of them, thousands.

Started weathering the mausolea...started with the dusting first. Some His Divine Chubbyness.

A Buddah, 2 Mausoleums and 2 Ruins walk into a bar....

Todays meeting left me borderline mental, so it took a while to do anything hobby wise.

Gave the 4 walls 2 voats of polyurethane varnish and that should be pretty damn tough by tomorrow evening, so I can start finishing them a bit. Did most of the work on the 2 ruins, just needs the basework fin ished and they too can get 2 coats of varnish. Budah got painted and weathered as well, he too can get 2 coats of varnish tomorrow.

Not sure what else to do tomorrow besides more brick laying. Maybe cut a bit off the command bunker and build a loose generator shack as the Sgts Mess generator is pretty much unsalvagable....I would need to cut the entire radiator off and replace it with one from a kit....too much hard work for my hands to go cutting a big block of metal.  But we'll see.