zondag 3 maart 2019

The Merchants House - WIP

A dreary day today, so great for modelling. My girls next to me, a final coat of Modge/Water/Detergent mix over the 2 ruined supports, and then....

....I cut some foam, grabbed a base and went to town.This is a pcitorial description of today and a decent look into how I build stuff..

5cm block of styrofoam, glued to a scrap MDF base. 

Ring around with foundation blocks, leaving space for the doors. The white bit on the side is a cellar entrance. 

Large matches make great support bits for doors.

Add the rest of the blocks (same as the foundation blocks, just cut in half lengthwise) and keep the corners block free.

Some space left on top of the top row of blocks, more on this later.

Large supports added on all sides using discarded fireworks left by the bucketload each year.

Rubberbands; a hobbyists friend. Until they snap, then they are bad friends....

There will be a stairway, so we need some poles to support that.

The stairway leads up to a platform, that also needs a support. Toothpick, drill, glue, snip when dry and then sand down. 

Horizontal post will be put in later as it needs more work. 

Horizontal posts pinned in place by drilling a hole and and jamming a toothpick through with some glue. The platform will be made seperately so it is easier to paint the building etc.

And then I realised I forgot to add a chimney....oops!

Below is how it stands now.

So, you might be wondering, what am I looking at? Well, I also want a few houses for Mordheim, but I like a nice story to go with it to explain little details and makes it feel alive. Sort of. So, this is a Merchants house. In the front will be 2 big doors that will be bolted closed with heavy chain, and a smaller door in the back, also bolted down with heavy chain. There may or may not be a tiny tentacle peeking out from under the door... The basement door will not be locked, I will count it as a location you can pop out from if you can tunnel or do hidden movement. It has heavy walls and no windows as this is where he keeps his stock.

First floor will be pretty ruined. It might not even have a roof. Not sure yet :)

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  1. Reacties
    1. Yes, it is a bit nice, innit? Can't make up my mind about the upper floor though... :D

  2. These burst of creativity you're having almost always seem to end up in something spectacular. Really, really nice work.

  3. Excellent. I'd never thought of fireworks sticks for building materials. They look just the right size for a project I have in mind, and they should be pretty strong.

    1. They are free and plentiful on New Years day :) Though....people want the biggest and baddest fireworks these days, so the thinner ones are quite rare, while the size of the bit above the smaller door is the most common. But great for bridges and walkways and what not.

    2. Thanks. I have an ambition to build some ruins in the style of those from the video game 'Breath of the Wild', which features several timber framed buildings in very poor repair, little more than a wooden frame. I'd always thought balsa would be too fragile (I am not gentle with my models). These will be ideal.

    3. You could toughen up balsa with some cheap superglue...but I find this easier and they are free. ☺