zaterdag 28 oktober 2023

The Last War - Scenery WIP 2

 All the wood is now finished, and craters made and spackeled. A few detailing bits to add like a shrine or a ladder and then it is time to hit the primer for everything and start making a muck mix for the top, as well as coil all the barbed wire.And then it is creature time, I'm already working on a few testers to see if I like the look etc.   

dinsdag 17 oktober 2023

The Last War - scenery WIP 1

 I literally dropped one of my entries on the floor thanks to my brilliant hands and I gave up on them all. Seeing my hard work shatter in many pieces.....yeah.

So, I grabbed a sheet of free styrofoam and cut it into smaller bits and made 2 test pieces for The Last War.
Those came out really good, but 5cm was too tall so I recut everything I had made down to 4 cm. 

And that's how I have been spending my evenings. They are big, durable when dropped.

I'm doing them as tinned sheet and wood trenches. Everything completely in wood really nackered my wrists so that was out. I'll be adding details to some, but not all. I only need enough for a 2x2 area, but making more than enough to cover a 4x4 table for Killteam as well (might as well, right?)