dinsdag 13 mei 2014

Broken Eagle

First thing I have managed to paint since starting a new job. Got 2 hours of painting time a week max now so 6mm is ideal.

Will double as a objective marker and airfield rubble for those late 45 games. Nicked the idea off the cover of a book about Capriquet, which shows a Focke Wulf doing a nosestand on the tarmac. Used a old, low quality model for these, so old it comes with a cast on landing gear and lots of extra tin that I had to file off. I might do another dio with some more wrecks as soon as I can find my box with all of the little aeroplanes in it.

Paint could be better but I like to finish things in 2 sittings (paint in one, vanrish in the second) so I find this very acceptable. I hope you agree.