woensdag 18 januari 2023

In with the old, out with the new.

 After my last post I've been selling a lot of kits and spending more time with the kids, which included the Xmas holidays with lot's of Lego...and I realised I really liked that, and that my hands can manage that a bit easier (as long as I don't have to remove blocks from each other).

So, bougth some used Star Wars stuff for myself, (re)built that and quickly realised most of it is a bit useless for something like Stargrave. So I put some stuff aside to be sold again and bought some parts to make my own stuff, and boy was that a rabbithole if I ever saw one.

And I love it. 

Of course, me would not be me if I would not be tinkering with it.

I bought a railyard crane and bits to make it twice as long. I bought a Yakku Quadjumper and I'm almost finished (missing 2 blocks to make it perfect) changing one engine into a blue white one for that abused workhorse look. I made a lot of cargo (cover) and watched every bit of Stargrave Lego there is online to get more ideas. Now I'm looking for ideas for machinery, steam vents, data consoles and other things.

I did limit myself spending wise, max 50 a month, and I need to keep selling all of my unbuilt plastic kits.

Of course, when I got a super deal on a rebel cargoship I could not pass up that one, so yeah....it's my crews ship and I'm sticking to that :P

The Tie-Fighter, Y-Wing etc all are very, very nice but not much of a point so those can go. The Quad jumper is perfect, and ....and....

I'm not sure how this will go. I might get surgery again to see if my hands can be fixed, but till then painting is out of the window, it just hurts too much. And with Lego....you build it, it is done. No paint, nothing. Cost wise...not all that different tbh. Both are luxury hobbies. Used kits still demand quite a penny. But again, I'm creative and found stuff that is more than suitable for sci-fi even if it is not sold as such.

So hey, follow me into the rabbithole and see where this all will go :) I'm having fun again and for me, right now, that is all that matters :)