zondag 29 mei 2022

Full Frontal

 Frontal armour plate finished. Then added blunt force damage with my burner, melted half the bolts, and redid those. There is such a thing as planning, and I'm not good at it :)

Also did the drivers cuppola in the cheapest way possible by recycling one my failed Grot mini tank. 

Next up either a new rear door or the top, which will be raised a bit. Then small details before paint. Now that's been a while, painting stuff. 

I might even finish something. There, now I've jinxed it.

vrijdag 27 mei 2022

2 Doors down

 Had a bit of free time and made the 2nd door, with a more basic handle on the door, now I have used both types of Ork knives from the old sets. I picked up a big box of used Ork sprues and these still have a ton of weapons and these knives on it, and they make perfect door handles...so, use it.

Still not quite sure why Forgeworld make it with the bumps on the side of the door as that only makes sense if they drop down on the floor, and these don't (unless they did a terrible parking job!) but I just copy, modify and paste anyway and I doubt the Orks would give it much (any?) thought. 

Next up is the front and that will be a 1 big armor plate with a viewport cut out. Might add a cut out visor on top of it. Typical Ork tooth on front of course. Might rip out one of the roadwheels and replace it with a another type from a 1/35 kit. The hardest work will be in the back and the top, and I need to scrounge my bits box for 1 or 2 headlights. Road safety and all that :) But I'm not in any rush, my back is killing me so sitting here for extended times isn't...smart

Back to the Orks

 Finally more or less settled in the flat, with a routiune and everything. Long Covid is still hitting hard, test after test and lot's of therapy and no dicsernable improvement. Taking better care of myself and really conserving my energye to what needs to be done, not chase every pipe dream that enters my head. 

And lastnight, I finally had some energy spare, and with a second hand Rhino in my hand and pictures of the Forgeworld looted Rhino front of me I managed a whole new door in about 3 hours time. Time wise it's glacial, but at least I did a thing. I hear looted Rhino's aren't a thing anymore, but I'm pretty close to just giving up on wargaming and just painting what I like, without the pressure of making a force or army or whatever. It's not like I finished one in the last 10 years anyway, so....

So yes, I did a thing. Might do another door tonight or just watch some TV, I hear Obi Wan is on tonight.

How are you all doing right now?