zondag 29 oktober 2017

Intergalactic Space Lord

The one and only, Lord Buckethead!

What do you mean, you don't know him? Oh, do keep up, James.... >> Lord_Buckethead

 20mm Britannia Volkssturm with Panzerfaust >> snippied the head, replaced with a bit of sprue, same for the eyeslit and the speaker. Dark grey paintjonb, black wash, glowy visor, Fighting Pirhana Union Jack decal on the Panzerfasut and the job is a good un.

Will double as my own character for Zombie games. :)

vrijdag 27 oktober 2017

50 cent Challenge - Limousine, 1 careless owner, slightly dinged.

After the slightly earthshattering news today that when my internship ends, there will be no job for me (as someone has been hired for it last week, and I have not been progressing as fast as they wanted to see, and I ask too many questions.....but let's not go into that...) I took the slow road back home, hopping in a few 2nd hand shops along the way. Yes, I'm that addicted to them. One of the gems I picked up is a Majorette 1/58 scale Limousine. 20 cents. Bargain.

Yup, 1/58 is a tad tall, but I put my 28mm figures beside it and they tower over it. Besides, Yank cars are the Biggest. I'm seeing more and more of those big Ford trucks on the roads here. With our fuelprices, you wonder how stupid those people must be. On the other side, if one of those things hits my little South Korean car I'd be flat and he would barely notice it. Meh.

Anyhoo....this will make a fine limousine for El Presidente/Druglord/UN Special Envoy when finished for Black Ops games. It does needs some work!

 Used a old bar of Milliput and a lot of hard kneading and stuffed it like a Christmas Turkey and smoothed out the windows and filled in the gaps from the doors. I think I need to even it al out by doing the middle windows as well. Heck, I already filled in the sunroof :)

For the rest I cleaned some other models, based up a few more, looked around for work, listed a ton more stuff and am walking back and forth to comfort Emma as she's coughing her little lungs out and now I really, really need to turn in as it's past 02:00 and I have a full day at work, ehm......internship, ehm ......something tomorow.

zondag 22 oktober 2017

50 cent challenge - strange steel towers - FINISHED!

Right, that is it, they are done. Added a bit of pigment to the base, and some papers, but now it is over, time to go forward. This particular 50 cent challenge is finished.

Dead Dingo - a British scenic piece

Wife and kids were out today to a funfair. Took the time to do all the things that bother them like varnishing, basecoating and what not ,(it's the smell you see). Prepped a ton of stuff and started and finished the wrecked Matchbox Daimler Dingo. Another one for the wreck drawer.

(The base isn't warped, but my desk is a tad messy and I didn't have a proper setup to take pics, so I improvised a bit)

dinsdag 17 oktober 2017

50 cent challenge - strange steel towers - shine a little light on me

Nothing much. 3 tries to get to this. It will do. I'm not used to painting lamps etc anymore.

Managed to scrub a bit off the varnish on one end so decided to leave it alone today so it can set more. Will pick it up later this week.

zondag 15 oktober 2017

50 cent challenge - strange steel towers - coming along nicely!

Well, I had forgotten how much fun it is to paint (well, weather mostly) using just a sponge and some filters. These guys are coming along quite quickly. I will let everything evaporate now, so tonight I can gve it a coat of clear varnish and do the rest of the work next week. Really chuffed with these.

Not that much to do till they are done, just needs a lot of drying time. A nice addition to my scenery collection when these are done.

zaterdag 14 oktober 2017

50 cent challenge - strange steel towers

I picked up a lot box at the Goodwill store this week, containing finger skateboard scenery, Matchbox copy cars, Matchbox scenic stuff, some Playmobil mand a set of girder ish towers. 36 items in all for 7 euros, so that falls nicely into the 50m cents challenge catagory.

There are no markings on them, but I suspect they are for supporting a Matchbox playset bit of track? I really don't know. It had some sort of pin system on the underside and on the top. I cut those off and filed it smooth.

(28mm figure for scale reference)

In my mind, I can see these work as some sort of equipment rigs, floodlight towers, VSF moorings for airships, or relay towers for a (sci-fi) airfield. Anything goes really. I've decided to paint these up in a weathered beat up style, so they fit a backwater, abandonded or post apoc area (which covers 100% of my gaming needs). I'm also leaving off anything scale realated. Right, added a triangle base so I can shove them together as a single unit, or keep them seperate. Epoxied a lot of fishing lead to the base for stability. Added sand. Delved into the bits box and grabbed some 1/24 truck kit coils, pinned and glued those to the top, and another greebly on top to cap that. Sanded the sides smooth to remove the tiny mould line.

I thought it needed more so grabbed my spool of 1.5mm soldering wire and added a thick electrical cable from the base to the top, and tacked it in place.

Added another greebly on top, did a little clean up and everything is setting and drying now. Will give a good alcohol rub down in the evening before basecoating it, as for the first time in a long time, I feel like painting again :)

donderdag 12 oktober 2017

Malamute's (LAF) adobe paintwork - the steps

Another one for the books so I can finally finish painting all of my Arab style village scenery and get it on the table and use it......

Original topic is here: LAF Topic: Presidio de San Antonio de Bejar

 He only mentions this is a tin of "Dulux matt emulsion finest" but not the colour used. It looks more ochry than the dark brown colour I use, so maybe it is smart to invest in a big tin as I'm pretty sure I will be making a lot more scenery.

As the building is made with local materials he basecoat the base and the building the same.

 A wash of burnt umber around the bottom of the walls and liberally across the groundwork.

 Whilst that Is drying the first of the wall colours is added. I'll get something different, GW paint is waaay to expensive to use on scenery.....

The second coat on the walls plain old white.
Watered down Burnt Umber for the wood and let dry.
 Couple of drybrushes later

Now to work out what colours I would need to get in addition to what I already have from the art supply store :) Stay tuned!

zondag 8 oktober 2017

Siegfried Line, double the pleasure

Managed to make a deal for another 5 boxes of Defences afterv selling off some of my old painted work.....was it worth it? I think so.

Currently I have 90 inches of double tooth line, 6 45 degree corners and 4 90 degree corners. Last to make is 2 gates, 2 destroyed sections and 2 bulldozed sections (though I might skip the last 2). I might have a deal with someone for a load of scrap and that includes a bag of these defences, so I might be able to get it up to 120 inches in total. We'll see.

What's this then? A Trumpeter StuG IIIC top half mounted on a PSC StuG III body as I want a C Lang for my 1945 Germans. It has taken a lot of eyeballing but surprisingly little mod work to get it to fit (for the most part). The front section does have some isses, but nothing a fw lengths of track and sand bags won't be able to fix of this old banger. Other details need to be filled/fixed, but I'm in no rush with her.

donderdag 5 oktober 2017

Stuck on an island, with a....tent?

Still down with a cold, but going to my internship anyway....can't infect the customers if all I do during the day is email and phone them. Right?

In a lot I bought a while back, there was a box of Hasegawa Field Camp Equipment. If you are ever in the option of buying it....don't. It's pretty rubbish and dated. But well, it came in a lot, so...why not use it. As it stands, it has a largeish 2 man tent. With a square opening at the front. Yes, a square opening. I've sold and used many tents in my younger days (Yes, I do sound like a old fart now) but never one with that option. Anyhow, after adding a base, some pegs and a new front with paper and superglue, it looks much better now. Something for (WW2) refugees, a zombie or Friday 13th game, or a plot point.  Will paint it suitably in a canvas colour I think, makes it rather ageless.

The 20mm Partisan is wondering why he and the tent haven't been painted yet. Fair enough.

While cleaning up the place I ran across my unfinished Frostgrave project, the Playmobil Aztec(?) temple base, that I dumped aside when the water effects in the pool decided it would not want to be friends with the wood glue I used to seal the basin. Live and learn. Cut a bit of scrap MDF, sanded it, glued it down and sanded it. Will add some more sand in the corners here and there and use it for airbrush and wash practice. Will work as an small island for Archipelago now, or just a normal scenic piece, and this time I will just repaint and varnish the pool instead of water effects.

A bit of a problem is that it is now too deep and wide to fit my Pappis or Billy's, and can only fit inside one of the bigger drawers, which is a waste of space, so most likely it will end up in one of the 40x60 storage trays. It is a nice scenic piece though, and I think I will do the other one without the pool but with a pit with snakes or something.

maandag 2 oktober 2017

Progress on the Siegfried line

Did not feel like doing more fences tonight, so grabbed my Italeri Dragons Teeth, did a few visual checks to see what worked best for me, and started cutting bases and putting them on. With my steel rules I made sure they (mostly) aligned as good as I could get them, and just tipped the corners with Tamiya extra thin cement, which is a God send for this kind of work due to the capillary action.....you don't have to toutch anything and kick it out of alignment.

4 boxes of Italeri defences have now given me 40 inches of Dragon's Teeth (3x 10 inch and 2x 5 inch) and a couple of small tooth corners. I will try and save up for another 4 boxes, so I can add 2 extra 10 inchers, 4 extra 5 inchers and cast up a few of the big tooth to make corner pieces out of that as well. Then a 5 inch destroyed section, a 5 inch bulldozed section, 2 types of 5 inch gates and 2 endcaps that are 2.5 inches and that should be enough for almost 100 inches of Dragon's Tooth. And after, or during, we will start work on the foam AT ditches to replace my, still unbuilt, EWM one which is new in the bag and can be sold.

I just need to cut a few more 45 degree pieces and maybe even 2 90 degree pieces, and put the lot back in the drawer as I have no idea when I will have the money to buy more boxes of defences. If ever tbh.

zondag 1 oktober 2017

Feeling a bit fenced in - Crossing the T

Started cleaning and scraping all the bases of stuff made sofar, and sanding them. Also just finished 8 pieces of T shaped fence, 4 of each version (being a T piece on the left and a T piece on the right, and the back of both sides looks just like the back of a normal wall.)

As Modhail pointed out to me, these and X shaped sections of fence would be really helpful to fence off areas inside the bigger area. So, 1 lazy saturday afternoon later...

And I need to clean my desk tonight.

But....another 120 cm of fence added to the lot, so I'm now on 5.95 metres of fence.....now to sort out signs for the various ideas I have for the stuff....compound, factory, storage, government facility, junkyard, etc etc.

Almost 6 metres in their drawer...doesn't look like much, does it :)