vrijdag 27 oktober 2017

50 cent Challenge - Limousine, 1 careless owner, slightly dinged.

After the slightly earthshattering news today that when my internship ends, there will be no job for me (as someone has been hired for it last week, and I have not been progressing as fast as they wanted to see, and I ask too many questions.....but let's not go into that...) I took the slow road back home, hopping in a few 2nd hand shops along the way. Yes, I'm that addicted to them. One of the gems I picked up is a Majorette 1/58 scale Limousine. 20 cents. Bargain.

Yup, 1/58 is a tad tall, but I put my 28mm figures beside it and they tower over it. Besides, Yank cars are the Biggest. I'm seeing more and more of those big Ford trucks on the roads here. With our fuelprices, you wonder how stupid those people must be. On the other side, if one of those things hits my little South Korean car I'd be flat and he would barely notice it. Meh.

Anyhoo....this will make a fine limousine for El Presidente/Druglord/UN Special Envoy when finished for Black Ops games. It does needs some work!

 Used a old bar of Milliput and a lot of hard kneading and stuffed it like a Christmas Turkey and smoothed out the windows and filled in the gaps from the doors. I think I need to even it al out by doing the middle windows as well. Heck, I already filled in the sunroof :)

For the rest I cleaned some other models, based up a few more, looked around for work, listed a ton more stuff and am walking back and forth to comfort Emma as she's coughing her little lungs out and now I really, really need to turn in as it's past 02:00 and I have a full day at work, ehm......internship, ehm ......something tomorow.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Looks really cool!

    Love to see how you fix these old toys up! You've got a great skill!

    JR (living in the land of big trucks! Gas prices: $2.39 a gallon)

  2. Thx mate, really appreciate the comment :) Greeting from the land where the gas is 1.50 euro per litre, which makes 5,68 Euros per gallon, or $6.60 per gallon in petrol dollars....Jeez :O