zaterdag 26 mei 2018

Rise of the 300 lists. And the 300 WIP's

Real life is keeping me very busy, so Blogging is very intermittent for me.

I have been rather busy hobby wise. I'm steady working my way through each of the Battlegroup books and making 300 point lists with my stash in mind, to give me a focus to work on...with. I'm putting them in Excel so I can easily modify them later. I also managed to bag BG Torch thanks to Modhail.

I've been pretty busy building wise.....

15/20mm crashed Alien shuttle. Finished most of the basics, needs some more work before I can paint.

I noticed a Middle East battlereport from Piers with a single hut and water through. As I'm scared shitless to ruin the village (THAT  I STILL NEED TO PAINT....for 3 years now) these will make a good testers. Just some scrap foam, plasticcard and spackle. For 20mm.

I built a PSC 250 Alte with a Hotchkiss 25mm as I found a photograph of it and it seems like a good Recce vehicle. The Panzerbuchse I mounted in a more static position and I will modify some troops for it. Either to use as a stand in for a AT rifle or as the real thing in the army list.

I got the box of freebies and I'm slowly working through them to get them table ready. I opened the top of the 6 wheeler so I can put a commander in it, reset the mantlet and removed the radio gear as the one without was much more common (not that this was a very common vehicle). I based the first of the 2 French 45mm for my Normandy Germans, but managed to snap the leg on the 2nd when I was rebuilding it into the towed version and it got a bit messy.

Also decided it was time to make more use of my foamcutter and do some experimentation. My logic here is: May is the medical unit paint challenge - Large German airraidshelters had room for field hospitals inside - so let's build a German air raid shelter! - And find a pretty obscure one as well....enter the Saltzgtitter type Luftschutzbunker (air raid shelter) found on factory grounds mostly. Only 1/3 of it though, one of the entry points and a bit of the main bunker (the round bit) so it fits nicely on a boardedge.
 And this is how far I am now. I'm not sure how to proceed, as the colour is quite good (as in not the usual GW codex grey bunker) and a good test for the Normandy ones I have to build (even if some of them are painted camouflage)

 The guys are doing a Spectre demo in September in the UK. Something something with Cartels...I dunno. Thought I'd make one of their drug running not-subs. Top picture is the test, 2nd pic is where I am now. Slow but steady. She is a big 20mm or medium 28mm....I've made her so she fits both.

 Oh, a great cheap source for the "pipes". .....thrift shop knitting needles. Dirt cheap, aluminium so relatively easily to cut and sand. And bend.

I have quite a few UM model kits, you can pick them up second hand for a fiver most of the time, but I absolutely hate the rubber tires they use....but that makes them absolutely (lots of absolutes here) perfect for burnt wrecks.....BA-3 armoured car

 And another one....but a few years later and used as a route marker, will have one or more signs next to it. Bit more work on this one, was fun to do opening up as much as possible. No holes in this one, just one that was disabled and stripped and just left.

The old scraped steam tractor is ready for paint, and I'm doing some minor work on the most essential of vehicles....the armoured Panzer 1 Ambulance!

And I end todays Blogpost with a happy accident....

I was unpacking my S-Models T-26B ad noticed 2 additional sets of tracks. These fit almost perfectly on the UM ones so I can now build, in a easier fashion, the AT-1 and a future other T-26 derived purchase.

And that is it for now. Lot's of WIP's, needd to finish a few and remove my thumb from the buttocks and slap on some paint.

And now I need sleep.