zaterdag 30 september 2023

Goodbye house, thanks for the memories

 Even if I have not lived here for the last 18 months, it has been a big part of my adult life. The things I did, the things I've seen and lived will stay with me for as long as memory will keep them alive...which makes it a good thing that I have pictures as oh boy has Covid done a number on the old noggin

Goodbye Elzengaard 54, may your new owners treat you as well as we have treated you, and protect them as well as you have protected us.


Bye hobbyroom. Even if you never hosted a game, you were the nicest room I ever had to myself.

Wadiya Patrol Boat Nr. 1

" A splendid gift from the friendly nation of Iraq to the nationd of Wadiya, to mark everlasting friendship"

A former Iraqi patrolboat (former Russian) has been donated to our glorious Navy to serve as a deterrent to the fiendish rebels. It's not the newest, or fastest, but comes with a extra bucket.

A toy boat donated to me by a friednd many a year ago and which fits 15mm perfectly, now finally ready to hit the table as.....something.

Painted up for the Summer Water Build 2023 that ran from June 21st till Sept 30th. (yes, I'm finishing it exactly on the deadline, sue me). Copied the paintscheme off of some Iraqi Minelayers from after the war, and yes, they really looked as shit as this, see attatched picture.

Build Something Small 2023 Challenge - Teeny tiny slum - WIP 2

 A little bit of progress, again grabbing from a bag of ancient bits ( the things you find sometimes....)

Wanted to see if I could give it a nice entrance and accidentally ripped it off from the base completely....apparently I had not glues it down as well as I though. That has now been remidied, after inserting the new door. A Tau something has now become a something next to the door. Is it a air filter, a coffee machine, a letterbox. God knows. This too has a small power generator, just need to fill in the side.

Happy with the progress :)

donderdag 28 september 2023

Build Something Small 2023 Challenge - Teeny tiny slum

 I want to build something scifi for this build as well, so a 15mm slum it is. I really like building these :)

Also, recycling is fun. The top of a horse trailer I once glued some bits on to try and make something to set next to a 28mm house, but since discarded. A very old Tau drone conversion, and some more bits. have to make a barn, a small garden plot, maybe try and tie in the old Necron scarab somehow?

I have less than a month, so carry on.

dinsdag 26 september 2023

Build Something Small 2023 Challenge - Mine? Mine! Entry - The Cork has arrived, but...

 As the nun said to the's a bit big.

I'm used to getting a box with smallish sized pieces, and this was a new store for me, but...

I'm going to need a bit of time to see what part works best, and shred/cut the parts I need for this and other builds.

zondag 24 september 2023

Build Something Small 2023 Challenge - Mine? Mine! Entry

 The 2nd of my entries for the Challenge will be a 28mm Mine entrance....but I'm not going for easy. I like making a bit more visually interesting, so....

I want a steeper bit of hill and a mine opening and a ramp or ladder up to it. And I have to stay inside a 15 x 15 cm square and max 25cm tall. The only thing pre made sofar is a bit of plastic rail (from a toyset I guess?) I found at the Goodwill years ago...finally it is time to put i to good use :)

My lazy sunday afternoon (besides, cooking, cleaning, laundry, folding, chasing afte the kids) and this is how it started saturday evening and where I am now. 

How it started

                                                                     Where I am now

Scrap wood from New Years Eve fireworks, everything pinned and glues with superglue and dowels where possibel for added strength. Need to cut a 15 x 15cm MDF base fot it, and the beams will be pinned into that as well so it is going nowhere. Spoil shute is ready, just need to add reinforcing beams between the legs. I expect a order or cork bark to arrive somewhere next week. 

Mine will be usefyl for 28mm Mid West COwboys era as well as Postapoc Fallout

donderdag 14 september 2023

Welcome to Wadiya!

 Made the sign that can fit on any table, on top of buildings, in a harbour or airport.

Cutting mat is in cm blocks so you get an idea of the size.

Made with a cut off bit of foamboard, some wooden swizzlw sticks and lasercut letters from a set from the the local hobby shop. Posters thanks to a friend :)

woensdag 13 september 2023

Inspired :)

Was inspired by a post of one of my FB friends, his daughter did het first piece. Happy with the result.

A WIP here, a WIP there

 Had a pleasant night of painting after having a week of coughing fits, always fun. WHile being sick I started to drag boxes of old stuff, tossing out the unneeded crap and picking up a few half finished models.

Finally sytarted work on the 2nd Pirate for Stargrave to make sure I can have a game before 2100 AD. Also trying a new scheme from Mediocre Hobbies with a toutch of me to get a Kill Team done. Should be a evening or 2 to get these done.

And made a sign to go with the Airport COntrol Tower (or anywhere really) doe my 15mm AK-47. Needs some bushes, crap but other than that pretty much done.

And my desk is a mess again. Need to fix that.

dinsdag 5 september 2023

Air Traffic Control Tower WIP Part 3

 Finished the Generator shack, next up weathering of the top part and then painting in the windows. 

Getting there, slowly.

vrijdag 1 september 2023