zaterdag 21 maart 2020

How do you like this set up? (games table)

Looked at what my max possibilites are gaming table wise. Storage underneath, book case at the end. You can move around the 3 sides easily enough. What do you think?

zondag 8 maart 2020

Change is afoot

A few changes are happening (or are about to happen).

I'm currently halfway into my course on Chronic Pain Management, and, as I was warned beforehand, my pain levels and pain killer use seem to be maxed out on a daily basis. Excercise is going ok-ish, saying no to people (as not to overextend myself) could be better, but at least some progress has been made. It's nice to be back in a regular small group of people, who more or less have the same issues. It's costing me a small fortune in parking fees though, sheesh.

It's been 4+ years since my accident, in this time I got another degree, did internships and looked for jobs that my physique and mind can handle. luck. My benefits will run out on the 18th and I've been to the benefits agency to be tested by their physician to see what my future possibilities are with my current (and future) limitations. This could mean I'm 100% cleared for work, or 100% not, or anything in between. As much as I want to work again, I aso have to take into account what I can handle on a daily basis. Which to be honest, isn't much. I can do a bit of work, either physical or mental, and need frequent breaks just to keep going for a few hours. Hardly alluring for employers...and bloody annoying to run a house hold with2  small children. Anyway, I should have a decision from them in 1-2 weeks and from there we will see how my life gets turned upside down, again <sigh>

Moving on up (into the attic) is going rather well, but in bursts. As I'm being taught now to put myself (and my family) first I just planned 2 afternoons a week to work on getting stuff up to the attic. The occasional box or item in between is fine, but by planning I can get some help from Kim or a friend to lift stuff up. I'm quite happy with the results sofar, even if it is going slow......steady wins the race. Also, it's very relaxing to be uphere with the wind and rain tapping on the window.

(Ignore the labels, they all need to be resorted and a later date)

And I've even done a bit of modelling <shocker>

A old Airfix Chi-Ha I picked up for 3 euros, now a wreck for Vietnam. Well, it will be once painted and tufted.

Right, I'm knackered.....more later this week.