zondag 30 juli 2023

Welcome to the Jungle

 I was outside at the local Action today to pick up a dust-tape-roller-thingy for my photobackground, when I walked past a fake plant sphere and though, those leaves look nice. 3 euros was spent on it, and thus my lazy sundayafternoon was replaced with factorylining. Still have enough bits on it for more bases, so I will do that tomorrow and then base up the lot in one go after that. 

zaterdag 29 juli 2023

Warranty has expired - please contact your local Technician

 Finished a few items from the WIP box. Couple of things I bodged together from the various 40K Mechanisu something scenery sets that tend(ed) to go cheap after another box release. Ah well. More to come, no idea when I will finish them.

Mordheim, when the walls fell - Part 2

 Got most of the detailing done, rooftiles next. 

donderdag 27 juli 2023

Mordheim, when the walls fell

 Focus, me? Nah. Walls will be finished when the kids leave for their 2 week holiday, grabbed a base and some of my new black foamboard to try and make a quick and dirty Mordheim ruin....by copying a picture. 2 nights in and it's all off the rails again, but I'm really trying to keep it simple (for me anyways)

Busted warehouse, no windows, just a loading area, 2 planked sections to give the core of the building extra strength. Will try to stay low on details. Hope to have it prime ready in a few days. Built for strength so wood is planked over foamboard floors.

Mordheim, but no reason why not useable for other Fantasy and even Silver Banyonet....I've been eyeing that all of a sudden, thanks to Piers

zaterdag 22 juli 2023

WIP Walls (Killteam, Stargrave, Post Apoc, anything 28mm)

 Had a hobby night lastnight that was cancelled at the last moment, so donned the painting apron and went ahead with a quick (turned out to be not that quick) drybrush of all the walls I made, painted the metal parts and did the rust on everything. Next up is detailing, rubble, posters, and some more weathering. I'm really trying to get this all done in another 1-2 painting sessions. 

All made from foam, MDF bases and cocktailsticks for rebar, with some lights made and printed by Modhail tossed in. Nothing too fancy, base, some bits with a highlight color to break up all the grey, and detailing. Get it done man, get it done.....

woensdag 19 juli 2023

Forlorn Hope at Sachsendorf - Russian WIP part 4

 Not a whole lot, hands are not agreeing with me this week.

Used .5mm lead wire for the cable, cut the ends at a slant and looped then ends back so it resembles the loop at the end of the cable. Not perfect, but it's 15mm so nothing that will be terribly visible. Hung the other cable from the stowage box, glued the gas bottles in place and now looking for a crate. When it has all set I;ll do the milliput tarp and then it is ready for primer I guess?

I might do this to one or two more tanks, maybe a wreck.....but that is it.

donderdag 13 juli 2023

Deep Clean

 Summer holiday for the kids starts in a few days , and they were with Kim for the middle of the week....so decided not to go to the gym for a few days and do a deep clean of my desk and surroundings (and boy was it time to do so).

Atm, me going back to work (ever) is very unlikely, so I removed the work printer. I only print my weekplanner and some invoices on it, so it's now hidden in the living room with a cover and connected to my network. So, thats a lot of desk space. Moved the pc and monitor to the right, as well as my cabinet. Tossed out (almost) all unneeded crap and filled 1 drawer with Vallejo and another with my big tools.

Trying to work from this, what you use a lot has to be close, the rest can be further away. So I grabbed a Ikea hobby cabinet from storage and filled it with glue, knives, files, drillbits, brushes and cleaning material as well as seal bags.

Placed the lamp in the middle of my work area so no more bending along a corner just to pass my monitor. Basically, made it more ergonomical.

Grabbed a, what we call Farmacists cabinet (narrow but deep) I got a while back from the Goodwill as I thought it would be useful, removed the brackets from one side and it now makes a perfect WIP boxes holder. And boy do I have a lot of WIP boxes......Great motivation to not buy any more used stuff (or you would think)

Scrubbed the desk clean, and my cutting mats, installed extra sockets for the paint shaker, blowdryer and other tools.

And that took me 2 days and too many painkillers for a job you lot would do in 2-3 hours. I can't wait for the day we start a Cyberpunk Dystopia to fix my failing arms, hands and eyes. Ah well, a man can dream.

Carry on :)  

vrijdag 7 juli 2023

Arrow Sign Warnings for Gaslands, 40K, Post Apoc etc (28mm)

 These were made as a custom order at Pat's Lasercuttings and paid for by my own money back in October 2021. As usual, took me a while to get going and get shit finished. (basically I found the box while sorting stuff to sell, sat down cause it was warm today and the laundry was running anyway, and finished it all in one go)

Size reference pic:

15mm (well, more 20mm tbh) Grav Van and 28mm GW figure for size reference

I ordered and painted 12 of each direction.Twas a nice afternoon spent and another item scratched off the WIP list. I left the backs plain, no posters or anything. K.I.S.S. and all that.

Clean and ready to be dirtied up

donderdag 6 juli 2023

"As the Planets Turn"

Salkit is a happy lone scrapper, living on the edge of a big scrap field. After salvaging a dish off a old wreck he could finally watch reruns of "As the Planets Turn". Well, untill his power cell crapped out on him. He had not come across a working one during his scrapping so he forked out his last spare credits for a new power unit. Gaudy thing from some rich kid that had fallen on hard times. Not his problem, he has reruns to watch after a hard days work.

Salkit is happy :)

Right, this one....I was sorting a box of used H0 stuff when I found the top of a windmill (but no windmill) and I figured it would make a nice small Sci-Fi ish home. A bit of a rummage through my bits box, and an evenings worth of paint and there you go, a small 15mm SciFi home.

Did I need one? Not really. Was it fun to make? Hell yeah :) Pretty bright, but I kinda like that for sci-fi. A nice break from the Historicals I guess.