donderdag 27 juli 2023

Mordheim, when the walls fell

 Focus, me? Nah. Walls will be finished when the kids leave for their 2 week holiday, grabbed a base and some of my new black foamboard to try and make a quick and dirty Mordheim copying a picture. 2 nights in and it's all off the rails again, but I'm really trying to keep it simple (for me anyways)

Busted warehouse, no windows, just a loading area, 2 planked sections to give the core of the building extra strength. Will try to stay low on details. Hope to have it prime ready in a few days. Built for strength so wood is planked over foamboard floors.

Mordheim, but no reason why not useable for other Fantasy and even Silver Banyonet....I've been eyeing that all of a sudden, thanks to Piers

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