dinsdag 4 mei 2021


 Quit my job. Yes, I did.

Bit of a whim, and also not. For the past 11 weeks I've been paid not at all or too little. It tends to get fixed a few weeks down the line, but mistakes have been piling up and the last 2 weeks I received no pay at all and at the moment I'm due 72 hours in pay, plus overtime, benefits etc. 


Contacted my temp agency, asked if they had a job for 32 hours a week working from home. They called me back in 3 minutes time and offered me the job I've started training for last monday. But enough about that. 

To give myself a small present I picked up a few more rivits. Well, a lot (It was a half price sale, sue me). And some pencils, some paint and some barrels. More Mordheim bits, more Ork bits. I really need to paint more stuff but atm too busy with selling and studying, so maybe next month.