vrijdag 22 oktober 2021

Ten Ton Tess

 Well, if a giant war happend, what are things you would find? Made this for my Post Apoc scenery collection but won't look out of place for a ruined location in Stargrave. 1/48 Ten Ton Tess I traded with a fellow modeller with some weight in the nose so it stays upright. Best not shoot it though....



woensdag 20 oktober 2021

Isn't he the cutest?

 Oh yes he is. So much I've gave him the mark of a character instead of just a black trim for just a object. Dunno what he will do, or what he will be, but he looks adorable.

(white stripe is what I use for frontage these days, LOS, you know. Saves you trouble when you need to work it out.)

 Northstar Stargrave loot marker.