zondag 30 april 2023

Eau de Toilette

 I was asked on the AK47 group to make a toilet. So I did. Enjoy the flow of emotions you feel seeing this....thing. 

vrijdag 28 april 2023

AK-47 Motorcycle repair shack

 Did up another shack, now of a motorcycle repair one. One day I might print off a set of 15mm bikes to put aside it, but for now....it is done. On with the next. 

donderdag 27 april 2023

Ork Bunker is 80% done

 Did a few things today and rounded off with more work on the Bunker. 1 or 2 more paint sessions and it should be done. Liking my new tempo and method. Faster and basically gets the same results.

woensdag 26 april 2023

Paint the damn Checkers

 After a few days of (more than usual) pain, decided to .....just paint damn checkers.

15 minutes of work and it looks fine. Not sure why I have been putting that off for, I dunno, 10 years or so. Not much, but another thing crossed off of the bucket list. Now my hand hurts even more so definately something to do again on a good day.

vrijdag 21 april 2023

More power! Unlimi....well, not THAT much, sorry.

 Evenings worth of painting on a old, dare I say ancient, bit of plastic. Bought it for 2,50 euros built, stripped it, cleaned it, rebuild it (as good as 64+ year old plastic let's that happen, the damn thing is at retirement age!) and done. Faller B-143 Transformer Tower, in case you want one.

H0 scale, so works for 15mm as well as 20mm. Went for the "It's older but it checks out" with no defining region stuff, so goes anywhere, any period. Symbol is something I just Googled for with Power Company and looked good. Some spring tufts et voila.

zondag 16 april 2023

Another shack added to the pile

 At a leasurely pace as my hands aren't quite agreeing with me this week, bit brighter this time. Fun builds to do, fits in the palm of my hand.

vrijdag 7 april 2023

Minor Emotional Event - old stuff gets finished.

 I started this tower for my La Maisontaal build back in 2016 after I got hit by a car. It's been in the dumpster more times than I can remember, but I grabbed it out every single time. Rebuilt it as a post apoc one but never got the right feel painting it (and it went into the dumpster at least once, again)

I grabbed it out of the box this week and finished it. Yes, a lower level than what I used to, but it looks the part, I'm happy with it and good enough is good enough :)

maandag 3 april 2023

New medication, new stuff, same old problems :P (15mm scratchbuilds)

 I've been prescribed (amongst other things) new painkillers, so I'd think of doing a test this wekeend what works and what does not.

Cutting foam with the hot wire cutter, no real problem. Cutting cardboard with my sheetcutter and sciccors....a little bit of a problem. Actually painting stuff, yeah, well, it helps if I take more frequent breaks, but it was ok-ish.

Well, AK-47, but now in 15mm (I'm focussing on stuff I can get here in the Netherlands while avoiding the UK for my purchases. Very sorry, but little cash these days and donating a lot of it with extra taxes and shipping costs is something I can no longer afford). Just to a test to see what I can do and how it goes. Hope you like. Fully scratchbuilt.

(Infantry not painted by me but came in a used lot I bought, they are currently my reference for size)